Thursday, February 10, 2005

A wholly self-gratifying post

I am absolutely positive that I am going to have put on weight tomorrow. This is a bad thing because:
a) it's a bad thing
b) it will be the first time that I have put on weight two weeks on the run since I started in June 2004
c) I have been pants this week

So, in an an effort not to make this a slippery slope, I am going to list all the reasons that it is important that I NEVER go back to the weight that I was.

1. There is no better feeling in the world that going into any shop and being able to choose what to wear. In a size 16.

2. I like looking at photos of myself

3. I am so much healthier than I was - I owe it to my son to stay that way

4. I actually enjoy eating the way that I do now

5. I love everyone's reaction to how I look now

6. I have worked really hard and I cannot waste it

7. I have sold all my fat clothes and can't afford to replace my whole wardrobe again

8. I feel like a normal person, not like everyone is looking at me

9. I (not very nicely) really like not being the fattest person in the situations I am in eg, work, shops, restaurants etc


Okay I think that this is enough now. I've convinced myself.

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