Monday, November 13, 2006

Where on earth have I been?

Well, nowhere really. Just pootling about, working, eating, sleeping (a lot), occasionally puking up, bleeding (very scary, happened in half term, but mainly brown and probably post coital, I've turned into a nympho), having a scan and getting a bump.

Also, I turned 35 this weekend, which was a bit of a milestone. When I turned 30, I had just had a baby and was breasfeeding. My sister left her husband that week. I turned 35, pregnant, and my sister got engaged to her new husband. Is there some kind of kismet/circulosity about that? (Circulosity: an excellent word just invented by me). If so, what is likely to happen when I am 40???

I had a nice birthday - saw lots of people I love and had a nice meal out in a fancy schmancy restaurant with three other couples which was lovely. I got some nice presents too, including a bag from M and S, some lovely Pilgrim jewellery, a big cheque from my Dad and some books and CDs and things.

Having the baby is feeling a lot more real now - seeing the scan was amazing! I'm sure that it is a girl, but then that may be me just being silly. I always knew that A was a boy though.