Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Shop till you drop!

Here is a list of all the things I have bought in the last two days:
1 pair of Etam jeans - size 16
1 pair of DP jeans - size 16
1 pair Next cropped jeans
1 coral coloured lace trimmed v-necked top - size 16
1 white v-necked top - size 16
1 pink linen skirt
1 mint green ruched sweetheart neck top
1 chocolate ruched sweetheart neck top
1 bright orange/coral v necked top H and M size L
1 mint green long sleeved top H and M size L
1 black top with a sweetheart neck H and M size L
1 pink chiffon skirt with a darker pink pattern
1 beige chiffon skirt with a coral flowery pattern
3 pairs of pink lace knickers
2 pairs of natural fishnet tights
3 tubes of conditioner
1 compact of face powder
1 deodorant
1 tube frizz ease hair serum
pack cotton wool
bottle shower gel
pot moisturiser
2 tubes hair gel
Comic Relief Little Britain DVD

Gosh that's a lot for two days, but all the clothing was funded by my e-bay sales and none of it was especially expensive


Poppymom said...

Now that you're all svelte and fabulous, I wish I could pop over and haul all of your cute fat girl clothes home with me. You know, just to give you the closet space for your new stuff. I don't have selfish reasons for wanting to take your old plus-size clothes. Not at all. :)

jess said...

Ah, pink linen skirts - I love them. Well, I'm assuming I'd love yours since I love mine.

Glad to see you're blogging too, Zoe!