Monday, February 21, 2005

It's that time again, when I lose my brain...

Damn the nasty period pain - am I the only one who gets it about three days before it starts, making me feel uncomfortable and mardy? And how come the periods come around so damn quickly, surely it isn't four weeks since the last one? (NB it is - I checked this morning when I felt the evil lead belt begin to tighten around my abdomen and back)

Day began well at 6.55 am when I came downstairs ready to face the day just as my co-teacher texted me to say she would be off sick today, so I spent the morning being responsible for 50 children... nice.

Apart from that it has been a good-ish day - it was nice to be back with my little loves, they are sweeties. Came home to an e-mail from an ebay purchaser moaning, so have paypalled her a refund, I'm not getting into an argument - I really didn't like her sh*tty attitude though. I am officially Nigella Lawson as I walked in from work, took off my parka (it is effing freezing!) and made a fish pie from scratch for dinner. Hope to God that the prawns were ok... off for a swim later to make inroads into the 15 point deficit - two swims and 2 20 point days ought to do it. Someone asked me if I'd lost more weight this morning which was nice as I have officially been on a plateau for a month.

It's really nice that I have three regular readers! Hi Jess, Sally and Poppy! Also Hi to Kirsty and Kristen who I know have popped by - it gives me more impetus to write now I have a small "fan" base, I'm glad I have come out of the blogging cupboard, now I've got over the stress of realising that my innermost thoughts can be read by people. Still not giving Mike the URL - at least until posts about condom sex and still fancying old college friends have been consigned to further hidden archives!


jess said...

Yeah, I've been a little low on the innermost thoughts for just that reason. Well, general sense of privacy...

The evil lead belt - good description. It does seem to come quicker than it should, doesn't it?

kara said...

just thought i'd pop in and say hi, too. :)

Poppymom said...

B. reads my blog, so I'm nice to him. Unfortunately, my mom recently discovered my little online sanctuary. Can't say I'm thrilled about that and I'm having a hard time shaking my inner critic now that she's reading. Funny how that works. She used to change my diapers, and now I don 't want her knowing that I occasionally smoked in my younger days.

You're going to have a massive fan base before you know it. Your writing style is so readable, and you've got such interesting stuff to say. I'm seeing an all new side of you I didn't know existed and I'm enjoying it. :)

Sally said...

I had my first period since pregnancy about 2 weeks ago. I thought they were supposed to get better after a baby? I'm with you babe - I have them for a week and it's f****ing agony.

I'm loving reading too - I'm a big fan. And as Pops said - it's great to get the detail of your life and share it.

50 kids. You're a bloody marvel

Sal x