Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My blog is SOOOOOOOOOO dull

I have been reading other blogs such as The Chubby Girl Brigade, Poppymom and Vivalaskara, and have relised what an incredibly boring life I have. Although, equally, I am not a neurotic American either... (apologies to anyone who is American. Not that anyone actually READS this blog. How do you get to be known? Although if I was known I would probably be on a "Cyber-space most boring blog list)

Feeling a bit crap today, not sure if there are loads of undercurrents at work or if I am imagining it. Then, Mike tells me that he went to see the doctor this afternoon because he had a lump in his goddamned testicle - I knew that he had been being funny this weekend but I didn't know why, I thought that he was mad with me because I had been so hungover on Saturday. Turns out that he has a vareocele (varicose vein) there and there is no problem. I cannot imagine what could have been.

I think I might go to bed.

And I haven't even vaguely made this blog any more entertaining.

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