Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 31st 2005

Now nearly the last day of the holidays.

Things that have happened over the holidays:
I got sick - nothing tangible, but when Alfie and I went to see the Polar Express on the 22nd, I started feeling quite grim, and this lasted through the 23rd, with Nicola and james' visit, and I felt terrible on that night, barely sleeping, and all the next morning. I was very worried, thinking that I would be ill for Christmas, but suddenly at about 1pm, I perked up, and felt well enough to go for our Christmas Eve afternoon and evening with Gail and Bob, and was indeed fine for Christmas, although much paracetamol and nurofen were taken.

I had a lovely Christmas. Mike surpassed himself in the present giving front, with 2 sets of La Senza underwear, jewellrey from Pumpkin, a HUGE bottle of Aromatics Elyxir and CDs. Alfie had a lovely time, and really loved his presents. He has been a complete star over the holidays, not bratty or spoiled like you dread kids being. Just gorgeous.

We went to Exeter to spend three days with Sarah, Chris and Leo, who moved there in the summer, and had a wonderful time. We're going there for our summer holidays with a carrier bag full of used £10 notes in lieu of formal holiday payment, to spend on entertainment.

We went to the Pantomime on Boxing Day which was great, and the aforementioned Polar Express at the IMAX so felt very festive

We moved our bedroom back round after agreeing that neither of us has slept well since we moved it a different way. We have only spent two nights there since the re=move, but speaking for myself, I have slept SO much better. There must be something in this Feng Shui business.

I have eaten and drunk for the UK and also another small country (maybe Lithuania) and have likely put the whole pre-Christmas 10lb loss back on. However, I am placating myself with the thought that if I hadn't lost it then I would have 20lb to lose in January, so, it's not all bad

Been sale shopping with my sister and Sarah, and got some super bargains

Not done ANY work - have made a list for the next three days of things to do, so hopefully will get on top of stuff. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute

Have made a resolution not to drink any alcohol for the whole month of January - my liver needs a rest and also this will help with the Christmas weight gain. Also need to show myself that I am not in fact an alcoholic

Have also added to the list of resolutions posted previously that I need to regain my positive attitude to work that had waned somewhat towards the end of last term. Ride the Storm, Zoe.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

First day of the school holidays, and got off to a good start - up early and in Tesco to do the shopping at 7am, back unpacked and houshold jobs done by 10am. Alfie and I getting on very well so far, lunch at a friends, cinema to see Polar Express and a night out with a differentgir girlfriend planned for the rest of the day.

I love this time of year. it's not just the whole Christmas thing, which I do love and am looking forwards to, but the whole excitement of a new, fresh year, and the plans that you can make and the ideas that you can bring ot fruition. I know that a lot of media poo-poos the idea of an arbitrary date to focus on, but I have always found it helpful. I have plans for next year (more on that in a minute) so, i thought I'd look up last year's plans and see how they have gone:

1. Start (and maintain) a blog - I have always loved diaries but never find the time to write them - I am online everyday on my laptop however, so I am thinking that that would be easier. -well, i'm still here - maybe not every day, but I feel I've catalogued my life fairly well, so I'd say that that is fairly well maintained

2. Lose another stone and a half (21lbs if you are overseas) - so far I have lost 65 lbs (45 lbs with Weightwatchers, although I am doing it alone, i.e., not going to class or paying on line which makes me happy as I am not paying some great big money making corporation for the priviledge) - well, no. BUT, I have maintained the weight loss for one year, and that can be harder I understand.

3. Iron out some of the problems in my marriage, of which more at another time - on the whole it's a great marriage, but there are some sticky parts. - things are pretty good between Mike and I. We have a regular babysitter and we spend time together chatting and stuff. Our domestic life is fairly evenly distributed and we love each other lots, tell each other all the time, still snog, and we have had some sex this year. So, I would say, achieved.

4. Go back to the gym two/three times a week - I was doing well, but it had waned to once a week at the end of 2004. Not at all. In fact, we are cancelling the membership. I hate it and would rather walk/ use stairs instead of lifts, and join a tap dancing class for 2006

5. To be the best teacher I can be - that's my job, I am new to the career, having moved from Healthcare in 2002. - Independent feedback seems to verify this

In addition to the above I have the ongoing being a good mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend; trying to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil especially at work, and to be as good a person as I can - they are not resolutions, but things I am trying to do all the time. It amazes me how much I am learning about all these things all the time.

So, not a bad result overall. I have some thoughts on some aims for 2006;

1. It's the 21lbs again. i would dearly like that to come off and then I'd be fairly happy with the overall loss. I have made some good inroads over the last few weeks, so at least I am in the mindset again, hopfully Christmas will not be my undoing!

2. To spend less time on the Internet. Less useful time that is. I find myself aimlessly wandering around, literally surfing, and it's time I could be spending reading, cleaning, ironing, interacting with people - so, I am restricting myself to half an hour each day

3. To regenerate my social life - it has been work and bed Monday - Thursday and that needs to stop.

4. To improve my temper -I have been a bit short with the two people I love most recently: Alfie and Mike, and I think it needs to stop.

5. To be more organised in the home and workplace

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tagged by My Americo-German sweater muffin friend

Ms Dix that is. And what she says, goes

Four jobs you have had in your life: Teacher, GP Practice Director, Nursing Auxiliary, waitress

Four movies you could watch over and over: Not a huge fan of movies, as in, I like them, but I'm not a real buff. So, American Beauty, Some Like It Hot, It's a Wonderful Life, Love Actually

Four places you've lived: Southport, Salford, Knutsford, Sale. All in the UK. Mostly beginning with S.

Four TV shows you love to watch: Lost, Sex and the City, Friends, Little Britain

Four places you've been on vacation: Cairo, Egypt; Florence, Italy; Florida, USA; Centreparcs

Four websites you visit daily: Weightwatchers, Stonecutters, PoppyMom, It's all smoke and mirrors

Four of your favorite foods: Chinese, cheese, ice cream, pizza

Four places you'd rather be right now: to tell the truth I'm quite happy on my sofa at the moment, but - in a swanky hotel somewhere that has a huge bath and all mod cons; my Mum's; talking to someone I need some closure with; collecting my lottery winning cheque

Four bloggers you are tagging: I don't have anyone to tag. :(

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The last post was brought to you by the word "obsessed"

I realised I sounded self obsessed and points obsessed in that last post

Which I'm not really, i was just amazed that I appeared to be full without clearing my plate, verra verra unusual.

Read a whole magazine about body image last night, the Easy Living magazine January issue. i like Easy Living, it has a lot of sensible things to say and is not too obsessed with beauty/fashion - it's quite intelligent. Anyhoo, I was reading these worthy articles about women obsessed with thier bodies and having poor body image, and (in a Road to Damascus kind of way) I realised that I don't actually have a poor body image any more, I am quite happy in my skin. It was a bit of a shock really, like having a comfort blanket taken away, because it's been with me all my life. But it's slipped away gently over a long period of time, so I haven't really noticed it's absence.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Something bizarre

Anyone who reads this blog will know - I have an ongoing, long term weight loss thing going on. I started in june 2004, and lost a lot quite quickly. 2005 has been a year of consolidation (i.e. a fancy, schmancy way of saying, I have stayed more or less the same for a year). However, I have been making a concerted effort for the last three weeks, resulting in a 7lb loss up to last Friday - not a lot to write home about as I was about ten pounds up on my lowest weight since starting.

Something bizarre happened today though. Had my normal working breakfast - two slices of granary toast with marmite - and lunch - 0pt soup (broccoli and butternut squash - yum), a wholemeal pitta, two satsumas and a packet of potatohead crisps, and also indulged in 2 jaffa cakes. 9 points altogether. Fine. Took A to McD's for his tea - in my defence, I have nothing in for tea as are delivering later, and he did have made-from-scratch prawn and cheese taglietelle for dinner last night - and had a coffee. When M got home I went and did some Christmas shopping. Got home at 8pm and M made dinner - fresh tuna steak, baked potato and green beans - 4.5 points.

I have left some tuna and some potato.

Now you need to know that this is an unknown phenomenon for me. I do not leave food. Ever. unless it is disgusting. It does not fit into my psyche.

But I am full. full up to the brim. I swear, I am NEVER full. This is verra verra wierd.

So now I am a ton of points under for the day, like about 8. Bizarre.

Monday, December 05, 2005

There's a better thing than writing a Father Christmas letter -

-getting one back!

Last night, I wrote Alfie a letter back from Father Christmas, and left it by the fireplace with "elf glitter" for him to find this morning. Lord, there is nothing better than your child wide eyed and open mouthed listening to you read him Father Christmas' response ("he knows my name!")

God help me, my life is so fricken busy and full of cr*p at work at the moment that I need moments like that!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Had a lovely day today

Hurray! Two weeks of religious WW-ing has led to a loss of 7lbs, and I am nearly back to my lowest ever weight since I began this diet 18 months ago. It's a long road, but I think one more stone and that will do me.

I went into Manchester this morning, and got nearly all the Christmas shopping done, i actually enjoyed it because I was organised and focussed. Came home and had a lovely afternoon making maize aliens with Alfie and then - writing his Santa letter in front of the fire with Christmas tunes on the CD. It doesn't get much better than that. His letter is so sweet, and he wrote it so beautifully ( I helped him with which letters to write, but he did every one himself, and some phonetic spelling)

Mike and i had our wedding photos out last night. It was nice. i tried to book our party for our tenth anniversary this afternoon, but they aren't taking bookings in the Rain Bar until the end of the month, so I don't feel so disorganised about it. I can plan the party in six weeks, I'm sure.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just following the pattern - absence=meme

When is the best time to open presents? I'm definitely a Christmas morning kind of girl. Nothing beats waking up on Christmas morning and opening a stocking and some nice pressies.

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Pretty nice. I don't have the time or the enerfy for the naughtiness!!

Real tree or imitation tree? I HATE fake trees. It HAS to be a real pine tree, and I don't care about the needles.

Favorite Christmas cartoon character?

Did you ever write Santa a letter? yes - and looking forward to writing one with Alfie this year!

Buy any Christmas presents online? Some. Time is so short and I hate the commerciality of the whole pushing and shoving and mindless buying. I am going to the City Centre on Saturday - for 8.30am and hoping to be home for noon...

Save the ribbon and paper or rip right through it? Bit of both. I like to recycle the paper though, I'm turning into a bit of an eco-warrior

Sharing Christmas with family this year? Christmas Eve just the three of us, and Christmas morning. Then we're off to my Mum's for the afternoon and for a couple of days. IMHO it's a family time, having tries a couple a deux, and felt that something has been distinctly missing.

Ever ride in a one horse open sleigh? No. Or a two horse one

Ever roast a chestnut on an open fire? No, but I like the idea of it

Favorite Christmas pie? And I have EVER eaten a pie at Christmas.... hang on though, mince pies!

Favorite Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life. Love Actually. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

Favorite Christmas song? Fairy Tale of New York - Kirsty McColl and the Pogues. Christmas Wrapping - the Waitresses. A Spaceman came Travelling - Chris de Burgh.

People on your Christmas list; more or less than ten?Many more. I am from a divorced family, there's steps and halfs all over the place. Not to mention my four god-children

Will you have a white Christmas this year? You know, we got one last year and it was the most amazing thing! I can't believe that we'll be that lucky again, but rushing out in the snow with Alfie was one of my top memories of last year.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? of course!

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe? Oh, go on then, I'll say my husband ;)

Who gives the best gifts? I always like my gifts, especially a surprise, Mike did surpass himself last year with diamonds and silk pyjamas

Do you send Christmas cards? yup, and putting off writing them

What color best represents Christmas? silver and gold is the colour scheme of my tree

Do you own any Christmas music? Yup, holy ones and Christmas hits

How many Christmas parties will you attend this year? My works lunch, the kids party and I think that that might be it

Does the postal worker get a gift this year? Good god no

Giving a present to a pet? no, what on earth for?

Your shopping: All done, half-way done, just started, not yet started? about half I think