Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Train comes, I don't know its destination....

There is a possibility that I may be getting a promotion at work... watch this space, I am rather in shock.

Mummy moment this morning - I am on the toilet when Alfie starts shouting "Mummy, Mummy!" up the stairs and then starts pelting up them. So I call"Mummy's just on the toilet!" and he carries on and appears at the door (I don't lock or even shut it) and says "Mummy I have amazing news, you'll never believe your eyes... the lady on the television has just said that it's going to SNOW this evening!!!!"

The absolute joy and amazement in his face and voice was just marvellous, not to mention that my son is clearly a child genius, watching and understanding BBC Breakfast News.

Just watching Jamie's Dinners, being horrfied at the diet of the youth of today, and vaguely smug about my vegetable and fruit loving child who only eats wholemeal bread, and has museli and porridge for breakfast

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Sally said...

I love your boy. He's amazing....and I want more details on teh promotion - told you you'd be a head teacher by the end of the year....

Psychic sal xxx