Monday, June 18, 2007

Update and photos (or at least a link!)

All is going swimmingly, and I have to say that Ted is one of the easiest babies I have ever come across (looks around wildly for wood to liberally stroke!) - I'm fully aware that these things change, and I am prepared for that, just enjoying this at the moment. M has gone back to work today, and the HV is coming at 10am, she is the same one as last time, and my opinion then was that she was a "chocolate teapot" so we'll see how I feel after today. I'm going to venture out to buy milk, and then collect A from school and that will be it for today. I've kept clear of school for a bit as I don't even want to think about work - it's inevitable that I will when I'm there because it isn't just A's school it's my workplace. Every day M comes home with cards and presents from people on the playground - they are so kind and generous! Ted has clothes to keep him going forever I think!

A has really settled into life as a four now, it's been easier since he went back to school and is in a routine, and we had a lively weekend, with visitors on Sat afternoon, tea at a friends on Saturday night (hurrah for red wine for me!!!) and then the local fete and a neighbours 60th birthday party yesterday, so it's been godo fun and not too much telly watching. Mum's coming next weekend, and I am slowly getting our social life back on an even keel after it being on hold for a while due to not knowing what date Ted would arrive.

I'm in that awful place where my pre-pg clothes are still a bit tight, and my mat clothes are on the whole too big. i know it's swelling and wide pelvis as my weight is pretty ok, only about 10lbs over my pre-pg weight and they should fit, but it's a bit frustrating. All my summer skirts fit, but the weather's a bit cold for them, and I need some new summer t-shirts, especially as my boobs are (even!) bigger than they were and feeding bras aren't the best bras in the world to wear - they're a bit saggy.

I'm supposed to be going to the school ball on Saturday, so one of this week's jobs is to get Ted to take a bottle of expressed breast milk, a job for Daddy methinks!

Link to photos, as I have no success when I try to do anything fancy on this blog!


Thursday, June 07, 2007


9.45pm-1am; 1.50-5am; 5.20-7.20! Result! I feel like I'm a different person, sleep is such a great thing! Feeding more must have helped, I fed him for almost the whole of The Apprentice (ha! Katie, I knew you were a charlatan - well done Sralan!)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In these shoes...I doubt you'd survive

Been home for two days and things are going fairly smoothly. Ted is feeding really well, which feels like a great achievement to me as I found feeding very hard with A, and struggled on for four months using shields and expressing, and the occasional formula feed. It was a relief when it was all over, but so far, thanks to preparation and great support at the hospital, and a breast feeding midwife friend on stand by at home, I actually seem to be able to do it this time. Night times haven't been fabulous, but bearable. Ted had terrible wind on Monday night, and my milk came in at the same time so we were a bit miserable, and basically I was up from 12midnight until 5.30am with him, trying to get him to feed, expressing and trying to wind him, ably aided by M from 4.30am. Eventually M took him off downstairs at 6am and I slept till 10. Last night was better - up 12midnight till 4.30am, mainly because all he wanted to do was feed, catching up from the night before. Tiring, but less stressful, as there wasn't much crying, just demanding to feed. Again, once he was off I got another block of sleep until ds came in at 7.15am. I have sent M to the spare room for now, as A is on half term and one of us needs to be compis mentis in the day, although my lovely Dad has taken him out for lovely treats today, so it's been peaceful.

I've increased Ted's daytime feeds now my milk has come on, and am making him feed every three hours, in an attempt to get longer stretches at night, does that sound right? Ted is mainly sleeping in between feeds in the day, which also sounds about right I hope? Midwife said that she didn't see why not. Anyway, if I have another wakeful night tonight, I'll try and keep him awake a bit more in the day tomorrow. It's all trial and error isn't it? He's so scrumptious I'm finding I'm not too fussed about the broken nights, although I am tired today.

In terms of recovery I am feeling pretty ok. My tummy is feeling good, I am sure that the arnica I started taking last week has really helped a lot. I'm on paracetamol and Diclofenac together for pain relief, and had the stitches out this morning, which has really helped, as they were beginning to catch a bit. Bleeding has much reduced, I think as they were quite quiet on the Delivery Unit, they cleared a lot of the cack out when they did the section.

In other exciting news, I had a pair of wedges delivered from La Redoute today, and was so excited that my puffy feet have reduced enough for me to try them on that I have been wearing them all day long - not sure on the exact heel, but 3-4 inches: I'm back baby!!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Friday's Child

We arrived at the hospital at 7.50am on Friday 1st June. I had had a C-Section previously as an emergency in 2001, but had very much wanted a VBAC. The hospital had agreed, but were keen for me not to go too far over. At nine days late, I went in for my elective C-Section - even at this stage, the hospital had been okay for me to go further if I wanted to, but by Friday I was happier to get it over with, as a fear of history repeating itself from the first birth - 12 days late, 3 inductions, 2 day labour, emergency C-section - was looming. The midwife who met us was absolutely lovely, and explained that we were the only people on the Delivery suite (this of a big, teaching hospital, how bizarre!) so could get on straight away. This had the effect of bringing all my pent up emotions to the forefront, and when she went to get the paperwork, I started to sob all over poor M. Midwife was fabulous when she came back in and really reassuring.

We went through all the paperwork, and the anaesthetist came to talk about the contraindications (major advantage of the emergency was no time for all of that). Then it was time to get changed and go down to the Theatre. It is an especially surreal feeling walking down to have a baby.

Then we had to wait for various personnel to arrive, but we chatted to the two midwives (ours and the Scrub midwife) who were lovely. Once we got into theatre we met some other participants - the Anaesthetics assistant in particular was fab - and because it was quiet, there were some bigwigs around: the anaesthetic consultant did some on the job training/support with the Reg (I have to say the anaesthetic consultant was gawjus!) and the on-call obstetric consultant had a nosy as well. The Obs Reg was the doctor we had seen at our last antenatal and was really nice. So all in all it was a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, especially when they put my favourite radio station Xfm on.

The spinal took 42 minutes to put in, and it was a really stressful time. I pointed out to the Anaesthtist that the "too posh to push" brigade could do with being in the roon at that point to see that CS isn't an "easy" option. I am bruised to b*******y on my back, and of course the whole 42 minutes thought of all the things that could go wrong. Anyway eventually it was in - what an odd feeling! I had had a topped up epidural for my previous section, and there was a marked difference - my legs were heavy, tingly and then: lifeless. The screens went up, and dh and I held hands very tight and the anaesthetist and assistant distracted us by chatting. I could feel stuff happenening and there was a particularly gruesome bit where they were really shoving the top of my bump down, which was uncomfortable rather than painful. And then - the baby was out!

A was a biggie 9lb 11oz, but all the way through, the midwives and doctors had told us that this one wasn't going to be as big, that was one of the reasons the VBAC had been a go-er. So when the midwife said "It's a biggun!", we both said "oh, but not as big as our other child"...until she brought him (for it is HE) around the screen, and he was HUGE. We both went "Bloodyhell!" When she popped him onto the scales he was 10lbs and 7oz! He is 57cm long and has a 38.5 cm head circumference. M cut the cord, and supervised the clean up etc, and then the lovley midwife brought him over to me and we had skin to skin and lovely cuddles whilst the surgeons did thier jobs.

When it was all over, we went to recovery, and the midwife set me up like the Queen of Sheba, with pillows and supports and towels and blankets for our first feed. The feeding has been a worry for me as I had to use shields with A as my nipples were inverted and flat. This time, however, we tok to it really well, and it was a lovely time for the three of us and the midwife in recovery, and then M popped to call our parents.

We were up on the ward by about 12. M stayed with me all afternoon and my Mum brought A to see his new brother at 3. I have to say, it was a lovely positive experience, given that it was so different from what I had hoped, and DS2 is yummy, really scrumptious - I'm quite in love!

We've called him Ted Patrick Fergus, and it suits him very well. He's still feeding well(no shields! It's amazing what a bit of second time around confidence will do for you!) and so far (x) sleeping well. M, A and I love him to bits! I had a very nice postnatal experience, with lovely midwives who really promoted breastfeeding and supported all the women on the ward. The women I shared with were great, and we've exchanged numbers, so hoping for a couple of new mummy get together opportunities. I feel very well post operatively (arnica, I swear) and we came home today. Ted's already been out for a quick trip to Boots and for a coffee.

We seem to be doing ok at home - it's early days, but we're more relaxed than we were 6 years ago. He's lovely, and I'm so, so glad that we have had him.