Friday, February 12, 2010

15 lbs

I weighed in at 15lbs lighter today than at the beginning of January - I am delighted and newly motivated! I have worked hard this week and made sure that I have tracked carefully, and also pushed myself at the gym - I'm now doing 3km on the cross trainer as quickly as possible - about 15 mins 30. That way, I know it's coming to an end! Then, the weights and making sure I swim every time too. I adore swimming!

It's been a great week - all my children passed the English Speaking Board exam this week, which makes me feel great, and everyone is really on board with the whole thing. It's lovely to have something tangible to refer to as an achievement! And, it's half term from 3.15pm! Yeah baby! Mike is away all next week, but it is all going to be fine, yes it is!

Off out for a curry with Tina, Tony and Karen tonight, I've saved points and will choose well

Saturday, February 06, 2010


I hadn't realised it had been so long.

I've lost ten pounds to date, in four weeks of weighing - last week was a STS after a lovely weekend when Viv and Joff visited and then Sunday lunch with the Mansons - a boozy affair with Singstar and cheesecake. It was also PMT time, so there was water agogo. I'm feeling positive for Monday as I've had a great week food wise and been to the gym and really pushed it on the x-trainer - I'm now seeing how fast I can do 3 miles as I was getting a bit complacent and bored at plodding along at about nine miles an hour, so now I'm pushing myself and keeping up a pace of 11-14 miles an hour, and doing three miles in about 15 minutes. I'm lifting weights at 25-45 kilos depending on which one, and generally I feel pretty good. Not been swimming due to period, although went with Alfie today and had a nice time as bumped into a family we know, the Burgesses and the kids played whilst Sandra and I swam and chatted.

Mike and I had a long chat on Thursday night about ambition - he has been told at work that if "he wants to get to the nect level" he has to do x,y and z. He was saying to me that he oesn;t want to get to the next level; he loves doing what he does and he earns enough, so why would he want to. It tied in with something I've been thinking about about ambition; I've never really had one. I didn't go to Uni thinkning "then I'm going to do this" - my life has kind of "happened" to me. I've had goals: to get into Uni, to get my degree, to get a job, to have a baby, to train as a teacher, to get out of St Joes... but no great Life Plan.

I think that that's okay. I have no idea what the next 20 years will bring... I think that's for the best really. Let it happen, bring it on.