Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Eve

Up at the crack of dawn with Mr Ted this morning, despite feeling groggy after a night with colette (here on a visit), Ally, Sarah and Nic, and all the kids - wine was flowing as were the bags and bags of crisps - how many weeks till I am fabulous and forty again???

I cannot remember when I last did not have a drink - maybe the 15th/16th December?? I need to have a complete break for the first two weeks of January. I was a bit pissed off that I appear not to have lost weight despite the gym trips etc, and then when I really think about the wine I have necked and the crisps I have nibbled and the chocolate I have picked at, really, I am surprised I am not in a worse state. At least I have been to the gym, imagine if I hadn't? Anyway, am not going to weigh myself until Friday 8th January as then it will be a bit more "normal".

It's time for New Year Resolutions - I had a look at last years, and having made 10, I kept 3 fully and 4 partially - I did keep a list of all the books I have read in the year (41), saw lots of my friends and I did get a new job, so that's good. Wine consumption, internet usage not so good. Fruit and veg consumption, being a good mother and wife. skin care and positive thinking went okay. So all in all, not bad.

Here are this years:

1. Keep a list of books I have read - really handy for new authors etc
2. Go to the gym three times a week and follow the set programme
3. Lose three stone. I think that that is a reasonable amount to go for, it's 42lbs and less that a 1lb a week. It will take me to my lowest ever weight again, and leave me with a goal of another 2 stone for 2011
4. Continue to proactively arrange to see friends and do stuff with them
5. Take my make up off every night. I am going to get Protect and Perfect day cream and night cream with my Boots points because it is brill.
6. Look after my nails - Nic bought me Clarins hand and nail cream and I had forgotten how fab it is - I willl use nightly
7. Do more stuff with the boys - I am rubbish at playing and doing, so I am promising that I will spend at least half an hour each day doing something specific with each of them - sometimes of course that will be something with both of them
8. Really cur back on internet use - I have taken lots of websites off my favourites, but then Facebook and Twitter are soooooo addictive. So I'm going to aim for 1/2 hour a day from 1.1.2010
9. I am going to cut back on drinking. I love wine, but it is stuffed full of calories and I worry about my liver. I am only allowing myself wine on Friday and Saturday. I can have a beer or a G and T on a Thursday or a Sunday.
10. I am going to have more sex in 2010. It's an area of our life that needs to be worked on, and efforts over the Christmas period have been much appreciated on all sides.

I want to look back at this on 30.12.10 and say - yup, did this. And be really proud.

And on that note, going to wake Mike up so I can go to the gym

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I have been twice!

Quite pleased with myself really - done the programme that the twelve year old gave me - I am not a big fan of the cross trainer, but did five minutes the first time, and 7.5 minutes this morning - Cheryl Cole's Three Words helped me get through it! Rowing is ok, and I quite like the weights and am, of course, still swimming. I'm pretty sure that I've not lost any weight though, but I feel better and that's important.

Christmas Eve is okay here - Gail and Bob couldn't stay as long as usual (quote from Bob: "I've never been in this house so long and been sober") and all was fine until Ted decided to puke. He's fine otherwise but God only knows how this will pan out - so far he has been in bed for three hours and all's well - bit of a dampner on C Eve though.

funny moment - Alfie just coming downstairs when Ted#s toolbench was still being constructed - cue hasty shoving over of sheet and mad dash for the door by us!

Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Went to the gym

So, I've been swimming three times a week since I joined the gym, today I went for my gym induction - I have not been looking forward to it. But, I mustered my courage, and pretended I was confident - and then, I was!

The instructor was approximately 12 years old (Steve) but he was really okay, he laughed at my jokes and I was completely honest with him - told him about my Fabulous at Forty plan, and that there were 98 weeks to go, explained that I hate running and about going swimming, and that I need some fast results on my tummy in particular to keep me motivated, and that I will be useless at remembering how to use the equipment. He was fab! He has given me a programme that will take about half an hour so that I can swim for half an hour afterwards. It's cross training, rowing, weights. It'll be okay I think, and it wasn't intimidating at all, lots of (mainly men) middle aged types, none in lycra. Had a swim afterwards and generally feel good.

Need a gym playlist on the iPod...

Friday, December 18, 2009

99 weeks to go

Only swum once this week so far due to period and Mike being away - I am going on Saturday though, and also Sunday. Sunday I have my gym orientation also, so that will help.

Don't seem to have actually lost any weight, although feel, and I am told, look slimmer, so that is good. I've always thought I wouldn't care if I was 25 stone if I was a size 14. Not that I am 25 stone, but you know what I mean.

Have felt very stressed for some of this week; that old "woman doing too much" thing. I have bought every present, written every card, planned every meal... plus worked, been a mummy etc.

Today is the last day of school thank God, so we will have 2 and a half weeks off - Mike is off too, and Ted won't be going to nursery. We've loads planned, so hopefully it will be good fun. I'm really looking forward to Christmas, the boys have great presents, and we have tons planned - wonder what the long range weather forecast is..?

I'm proud of myself for successfully getting through my first term in my new job. When I think how miserable I was last year, it makes me realise how far I've come. Next week, I must look back on last years' resolutions, and make some for this year.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

100 weeks to go (well tomorrow anyway)

Kept up the swimming - now been five times and due to go this evening. Not made the gym appointment yet, but I will. I will. I will...

Feel fabulous, the hunger has reduced somewhat although I'm still not "dieting".

Ted is off sick today, he had a temp last night when I picked him up, and he was warm this morning although all gone with one dose of calpol, he is coughing in a bronchilitis kind of way - he's had it before. Not much going on at work, both my Wednesday schools have play performanced this afternoon, so was actually going to have a paid afternoon off and finish Christmas shopping, but no chance of that now! Never mind, nearly all done now, need a couple of hours stocking filler time and then it will be finished. Even wrapped some, and part way through Christmas cards!

Took the opportunity to do some mopping/dusting today and also make cranberry sauce which has made the house smell very Christmassy. Tree on Saturday, can't wait!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Week one... 101 weeks to go


I've been swimming three times - 25 mins, 30 mins and 25 mins non stop
I've had a five day wine hiatus - nothing Saturday - Thursday
Handcream has been erratic
Waxed and appointment in a fortnight
Bought no clothes (not THAT great an achievement!)

Things I hadn't expected:
I am starving ALL the time - even though I am not dieting per se - the exercise is making me really hungry!
I am sleeping fantastically
I am in a much better mood - not that I was moody before but I am def calmer

Things I haven't done yet
Made gym appointment - but I will

In other news

Alfie has had a BRILLIANT parents' night. He is working at the level of the average Year 6 pupil in Writing (4b), has a reading age of 13+ and a level of 5 (high level year 6 pupil) and a standardised score or 114 in his maths - Grammar school level. So basicially we need to be thinking 11+ and grammar school for Year 7. Which is WOW! I do think he's very bright myself, but then I am his Mum and exceptionally biased. His teacher said he is a "gifted writer" and I agree - he really is. The really good thing is that he has absolutely no idea how clever he is.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So far so good

OK, been swimming tonight - first time, as Friday was a non starter due to being held up at the beauticians. So, had my nails done, waxed, re-appointment in a fortnight, been to gym.

I aimed for twenty minutes and I could have a stop if I needed it. I did 25 minutes and didn't stop - I was puffed and my heart was beating quickly when I was done. And - I didn't feel intimidated or embarrassed. that was a big thing for me because I have always felt that way before - but it's just a place - no big deal. The one thing I didn't do which I had planned to was to make an appointment for a gym orientation - I wasn't keen on the man on the desk when I came in, so didn't want to ask him about it. I have given myself till Wednesday to do that.

So, it's all good. Too much wine at Dad's birthday party though. Bad Zoe.

I'm also thinking that the year I am forty I might audition for the X factor - I won't even get to the judges stage but I think it would be an interesting experience...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fab and foxy at forty!

I can't believe that it's still here! And I am still here!

I have decided to relaunch this blog - with a sort of new theme - fab and foxy at forty!

In two years time I will be forty, not that old these days, but certainly enough to make me think particularly as I was very much a part of my mum's fortieth celebrations (I was 18 at the time).

It's made me think about my life. I've got the children I always wanted, and there aren't going to be any more, because Mike's had the snip. I'm in a house I love in an area I like. I have a new kitchen, bathroom and windows. I have got away from a job that was destroying my soul and a woman who was bullying and quite frankly, evil. I have a new job that is satisfying and a good balance between life and work. I earn a good salary. My kids are okay - sure I have my worries about them, but my worries are little ones. I could not love them more. Mike and I are in a good place, probably better than we've been for years, despite a huge row a couple of weeks ago - maybe even because of that.

I have a lot to be grateful for.

I want to get healthy now. I drink too much wine (four days a week, 1/2 to a full bottle) and I eat lots, I love food! It's usually good stuff, home made dinners and things, but still it's a lot. I never exercise - unless you count yomping around with a pram - I really don't like any of it.

So - I have some resolutions. Not New Years ones, earlier than that. There are 102 weeks until my 40th.

I have joined the gym - I am going to go three times a week, swimming initially - on a Wednesday between 5-6pm as that's when Alfie is at lacrosse, on a Sunday lunctime when Ted is in bed, and one evening a week, either Friday or a Tuesday. It's open until 10pm.

I will make an appointment during December to have a gym programme developed - and make a couple of the sessions a week gym sessions. I will be clear with the gym person, that I want especially to work on my tummy area, as that is the place I dislike most.

Handcream. Daily.

I currently have my eyebrows and upper lip waxed every three weeks. The last two times, I have had a nail tidy - I hate my nails they're very weak and ugly. So I've decided to have my waxing and nail tidy fortnightly. Three weeks is too long a time to wait to defuzz. So I'm going to increase that.

I have lots of lovely clothes, but I tend to not wear some of them because they're "best" or "too overdressed" - well I am going to wear more of them, more often - otherwise what's the point in having them? This means I am not going to buy anything new until March 2010 - I won't need anything.

I need a haircut - and a decent hairdresser. That can wait till the New Year I think; but I am not facing forty with straggly hair that I have to put up all the time.

Less wine - I need to drink water with it because sometimes I drink fast because I'm thirsty.

More fruit and veg: I eat a lot anyway, but I should eat more.

Writing this down I sound really self-centred and me, me, me - it isn't my motivation. The main issue is getting fitter, I want to see my kids grow up and make sure that I'm healthy to do it. The extra little bits are to help me keep my motivation up.

The blog, I hope, will be a record of this - what I've done and when ( I weighed myself this morning - it wasn't quite as bad as it could have been). I also want to maintain it as a record of our family life; reading back through has made me smile and reminisce - it's nice to remember, even when it's something that's bad.

So if you once read me, maybe come and read again - support me, listen to my ramblings

This week's target: By next Friday to have been for a swim three times. I'm going tonight - after my appointment at the salon for wax and nails...