Sunday, January 17, 2010

This much I know about the gym

Why do only men sit on the chairs at the side of the swimming pool? Women go to the gym with a time frame "I'm fitting this in around family/life/work etc" There are men who will sit in those white, plastic slightly uncomfortable patio chairs either alone or with a mate, and while away the hours. Why? Why would you do this?? If you want to natter; get dressed and go to the bar. If you've nothing better to do, volunteer for a charity!!

Why, although there are four television screens, they are perpetually on: Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports one (two channels)

Only been twice this week, I felt quite poorly at the beginning of the week, with a sore throat and swollen glands, but it seems to have come to nothing. I went on Thursday and it was PACKED! I couldn't get on any of the weight machines and ended up giving it up as a bad job and going for a swim.

I've gone back to counting Weightwatchers points as I've discovered I need some kind of structure to my life, it's easier.

I am starting to feel like it is beginning to make a difference - my tummy feels tighter and I feel generally better, I will be interested to see if I've lost any weight tomorrow. It's not all about weight, well it needs to come off!!

Went to Strictly Come Dancing yesterday afternoon with Alfie - it was fab! We had a really lovely afternoon, it was fun and enjoyable and it was nice for us to spend the time together. It was a bit of a tricky journey there and back as it was a home match at Man U, and even though I took Alfie for a pizza afterwards to try to avoid the crowds, we still got squashed on the tram.

When I got home one of Alfie's friends' mums had rung to invite Alfie to play and for lunch, which was nice, and also quite surprising, as I haven't felt that she was not very warm lately. It makes me feel that I have done that thing that I always do: projected something onto someone that isn't real.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year etc

Well, the highlight of the year so far has been that I went to bed on Monday night wishing for another week's holiday - and I got it!

Snow 8 inches thick fell on Monday night - although to be honest, we got up, got ready and I even went out and began to clear it from my car at 7.50 - and then the texts started: Mike's meeting was cancelled, then Alfie's school was closed... I called my Tuesday school and the caretaker said that school was closed. So - snow day!

It was quite nice in that we had a nice time in the garden, built a snow-woman (she has a boa!) but it was very cold - I particuarly loved that we could go out onto our road which is actually quite a busy one usually and play. We watched too much TV and sat about so, for the rest of the week (for it has become a snow WEEK!) I have pulled the plug on the TV and concentrated on doing other things - we dusted yesterday morning, we have baked, read, coloured, 11+ stuff... it's tiring, but tempers are better. Alfie is banned from computer for two days for taking Xmas sweets without asking as well.

Gym has been going well - 4 times last week, plus once with Alfie, went last night, but got period today, so I'm having a day off - planned to go on Friday and Sunday later this week. I've worked up to 17.5 minutes on the x-trainer, and 1km on the rower - the rower bores me a bit though, and some of the weights do too - I've added extra to the stomach ones, and I definitely feel better, but I haven't weighed yet apart from a scary one last night at the end of the day with 1.5l of water inside and prior to a period starting - I'm going to do it on Monday. Still had no wine or alcohol. Meals are good, but being at home is a bit hard work (scoffs chocolate orange...) But I am making sure that I think hard about stuff - I've cut back on portions and I'm trying to think about it.

I've not cut back to 1/2 hour on the Net, but i've cut back.