Sunday, February 13, 2005

Home alone

Wasn't able to get on line for 24 hours and felt bereft a bit - I think that that is a bit wierd...

Mike in London with Liz this weekend so Alfie and I have been at home together - I have really enjoyed it, we went to Gail's yesterday morning and then the four of us went to McD's for lunch - I had a salad and fries - and then I took him to the pool, we stayed for an hour, then we came home. I watched Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood on DVD and had lamb chops mushrooms and rocket - then completely forgot it was Lent and had 2 curly wurlies - ooops! No wine at all, went to bed to read at 10.15, slept till 7. Today Alfie and I have chilled - papers, playing, television, cleaning etc, and just had a really nice time. It's nice to have him on my own, and it's nice to know that all will be ok over the Summer holidays when we are together all the time.

It was good to see Gail yesterday, as I haven't seen much of her since Xmas - basically because I didn't want to spill the beans about Viv's baby, and it was hard yesterday too.

I was a bit poorly on Friday night, and bit of d and v, luckily, only a small bout. Anyway had a nother sneaky weigh on Sat am, and it was showing a sts for the week before, so I'm taking that one as my correct weigh for this week. I am absolutely determined to have a good week and so far so good, stayed in points and scoffed loads of fruit/veg and water. I really could do with a 3lb loss this week, that's what I'm really hoping for, as I have only lost half a stone since my birthday, almost 3 months ago. Admittedly, there was Christmas and a holiday in that three months, but overall it's not a great loss. I have to look at it as a gradual and incremental loss, like the major thing is that I have not seen a reading of 15 st on the scales even at night for ages, well, i would have killed for that in November! I presume that the slower it comes off the slower it will go back on again, and really, when I look back on the last 8 months, I haven't really deprived myself or killed myself in the gym, it's been relatively easy. So, by June, it would be ideal if I were almost in the 12s - a real achievement for one year, and then in the 11s for my 34th birthday would be fabulous.

A bit disappointed in my e-bay sales - only on £90 with nine hours to go, I don't know how much further they will go for a Sunday night, perhaps I didn't think it through enough or market them sufficiently. At least things will be cleared out of the wardrobe anyway, I suppose.

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