Thursday, April 28, 2005

How come..?

My blog has fixed itself - ie that the sidebar which has been hanging off the bottom of the blog since I tried to add blogrolling has gone back to where it should be. huh????

More ruminations

It amazes me how I can go off on a tangent on this thing – start writing about my weekend and end up chunnering on about my weight and my inner self. I decided to write a little about how I’ve come to where I am now – in case I forget later.

I never used to bother much about my weight – I did until I was about 27-8 and then tried to accept myself for the way that I was. I always prided myself on dressing well and looking nice and hoped that no one would notice. I told myself that people would never for one minute guess my weight, to be honest I didn’t really know what it was myself. I only weighed myself regularly when I was pregnant, and even then only in kilos as I don’t really understand those, and could only make a rough estimate of the stones value. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t put on too much weight. In actual fact, I didn’t put on too much – only about 2kg! Probably because I wasn’t drinking wine (or liquid sugar, as I like to call it) and also the hormone thing I had going on was being regulated by pregnancy. Anyway, I came out of hospital lots lighter than I did before I was pregnant, at least I’m assuming so, as I had a 10lb baby and all the accompanying blood, water and other ick. In fact I was quite trim (relatively) until I went back to work and stopped breastfeeding. And then back to square one.

Once I left work and stopped eating all the drug rep lunches and consoling myself with nice food because I was so miserable at work, about a stone, stone and a half dropped off nicely, but still this time last year I was 117kg (18 stone 3lbs), and in the May half term I asked my Mum to get me some Weightwatchers books from her class and joined the on-line community. I’m not one of the “faces” there, but I’m an avid reader and get lots of tips and advice. I honestly think that the fact that I’m not putting £5 into the hand of some woman who lost 16lbs and thinks that she can empathise with me every week is what’s kept me going. I have had so many plateaus (plateaux?) that I am sure I would have stopped going were I parting with hard earned cash for the privilege of being informed “stayed the same” or “1lb on” and advised regarding my diet – again. But bizarrely, because I have only myself to answer to, I feel like I’m finding it a lot easier. So now, I am 14 stone 7 – I look great and I feel it, even though I am far too heavy in the eyes of the medical world. I have only really lost about 5-6 pounds since Christmas, but I am plugging away. Ideally I could lose another stone, I don’t particularly want to replace my entire wardrobe again, and also I want to be realistic about what I can take off and keep off. Better that surely than get to 10 stone and they bounce back up to the late teens again because it’s untenable. To be honest, I like being womanly, and I mean really womanly, not “J-Lo, she’s so curvy” womanly. I like my knockers and bottom and waist, I also think bigger women look older less quickly.

People never cease to be amazed when I tell them I have lost five stone, and to be honest I never cease to be amazed myself. I think I do have a greater self-confidence, mainly because I feel less and less that people are judging me by my size. I know that no matter how PC this world claims to be, fattism is the last taboo. You can’t call someone a racist epithet, but you can call someone a fat cow or a fat bitch or a stupid lazy lard arse. I am not saying that fattism is worse than racism, but hey, if you’re experiencing that level of discrimination or abuse then it hurts regardless of what it’s for, and it’s never justifiable. To be honest, I’ve never really experienced much of that since I left school, but I do not lots of people who have and I know how awful it makes them feel.

I despair of a society that makes people feel like that and lauds the skinny. I can’t bear these articles about normal sized women becoming lollipops – why? Mike and I were watching an old episode of Friends the other day –series 2. Aniston and Cox were both really petite and yet both managed to become even skinnier – to the point of emaciation by the end. And Courtenay wonders why she needed IVF? I know nothing of her life, but I’m pretty sure that stature won’t have helped whatever was wrong with her. Vicky Beckham? In any other walk of life her concerned family would have been seeking medical advice and perhaps they are? There’s no natural reason for the way she is? Look at the early Spice Girl videos – she’s normal sized! PCOS doesn’t make you thin, it makes it hard to get weight off, you only need to look at the WW boards for that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I am trying really hard at the moment - with everything. Trying to do good job, be a good mother and wife, cook good meals, keep a nice house, have a good work/life balance, spend my time productively.... and it's really freaking knackering!

I had an okayish time on the Hen Night. We hooked up with Sian's husband at midnight for a lift home - Sarah invited us all into her house where Chris had some friends round - ended up leaving at 3am! Hen Night was as expected - too much aimless wandering around town heading for "The Bar" to be in and finishing up in a hole. Ach so!

Had the NCT girls (well, my fave three) round on Sunday which was nice especially as the weather was nice. Made cakes with Alfie for it to make up for staying in bed until midday due to wine inflicted head. Nic came round as well, she was a bit quiet. I don't really know what or whether to do anything about her, maybe the way that she is is normal for people who have had a baby, I think I coped really well the first few months, it was only going back to work when the problems set in... I'm trying to be there for her when she needs it, keep in touch, offer to help/babysit/go out with her etc - can't do much more really.

The children are restless at school - the weather is better and I think that makes them high spirited. I remember Margaret saying last year that in the Summer they start getting ready to move on and become less interested in where they are and more in where they're going. I have also come to the conclusion that one of the women I work with is one of the most negative people I have ever met. I actually get on really well with her, but she complains and finds fault in so many things that I cannot believe for one minute that when I am not there she isn't finding fault and complaining about me too. I have heard her say such unbelieveably two faced things that there's no way I escape it. What's interesting is that that doesn't really bother me, whereas once upon a time it would have.

I think that's why I am enjoying my 30s so much - I have so much more self confidence and so much less angst in my life. I was reading dietgirl today and she has a lot to say about still being the fat girl within, and not feeling better about herself since she lost weight. I don't think I feel like that. I DO feel better about myself, but then I don't think that I had the kind of feelings that she and others describe either. Having Alfie really helped my self confidence too - I felt that I had new purpose in life, and that because someone was wholly depending upon me, I had to believe in myself. Also, changing career and doing something I am really good at also helps a lot - something that hasn't taken over my life and become the be-all and end-all.

Technologically unsound

First I tried to add blogroll to my blog

...and failed.

Now I tried to add a sitemeter

...and failed.

For both of these things I placed the HTML in the Template as instructed, republished the blog and - nada.

I am useless!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hen nights

Tonight I am going on a Hen Night (bacherlorette party). I love the girl whose party it is - we met last year when training to be teachers, she's fun and interesting and likes a good night out. I WAS really looking forward to it, until Sarah said last week she wasn't, and asked me had I really ever been to a good Hen Night. I truly am not sure, so I'm going to try and work it out.

In (more or less) chronological order:

Pennys, 1995 - now I am not friends with this girl anymore - she is the archtypal toxic friend, but in 1995 I was her bridesmaid, in the most unflattering dress ever, with dreadful hair and cerise and lilac eyeshadow. I also organised a drinks and clubbing night out for her with four of our other friends from University. It was OK, but she was mardy because no men wanted to talk to her, even though she was the bride. Could have been something to do with her sour face and "I'm better than you" attitude.

My own 1996 - fifteen friends in a Greek Taverna with plate smashing and belly dancing. I did actually really enjoy that -we ate at the restaurant, we danced at the restaurant, I had made very clear instructions regarding absence of condoms, L plates, veils etc. It was good - for me anyway.

My sisters 1998 - a damp squib. I would point out that my sister is now divorced, and had we understood that there was a hen night/marriage correlation, we would have kidnapped her to avoid her going up the aisle. Me, my best friend, her, her best friend, two of her fiancees friends wives. A restaurant in Altrincham and a cheesy nightclub across the road. it was an ok night out but if it had been mine I would have been disappointed.

My friend Gill's 1998. Brasingermans in Hale, the footballer's wives club, recently made famous by Wayne Rooney smacking Colette in there. A reasonably good, well organised night, infamous in my own memory for myself and my friend R taking our friendship a stage further than either one of us might have thought... nuff said. (NB but only first base)

My friend Michaelas 1998. Meal in a Nottingham Bella Pasta - ok, club - appalling, didn't stay past ten minutes, evening spent in hotel bar getting pissed until 5am with my friend Liz from Uni, eventually having a grapple with a young man met there. In my defence, my marriage was in a BAD WAY at this stage, and I wasn't a nice person in my 20s. Not a great night for me.

My friend Rowenas 2000. I arranged this - a night in my fave restaurant, then clubbing in my favourite club. Nicola came, Row's mates were nice, everyone stayed at mine, it was good.

My best friend Nicolas 2001. I had a five week old baby, I was wearing breast pads in my bra, I had on a stretchy black top and skirt that were about the onlythings I could manage to get on. I had also developed a lovely red, itchy post partum rash (at the beginning and the end of my pregnancy I also had it - apparantley it is a oestrogen rush). We went ot a crappy Chinese buffet and I had two guinesses and went home. Hated it.

Katherine's 2002. Nic's sister in law. The very worst one - nasty chavvy friends of Katherine's in a dreadful bar with an awful stripper (!!!!). We ditched it, departed to our favourite gay bar and watched Pop Idol with big glasses of wine. I looked awful too.

My other best friend Clare's in 2003. Clare invited us all to Centreparcs and we had a meal in an Italian restaurant on the Friday and a party in a cabin on the Saturday. We dressed up as angels for the party and it was ok because no one else saw us. The people were nice and I had a little break away from home. I enjoyed this one.

Debi's, 2004. Nice meal in a trendy restaurant, then a few drinks. Poured with rain. When they deicided to go to the chavvy Deansgate Locks bars, Nic and I ditched them and went clubbing.

Nerys' 2004. Apalling. The bride was 8 weeks pregnant and spent most of the night outside and apart from me, Nicole and Louise,everyone was in thier 50s. Could not wait for it to be over.

It's not a great list. I have been to a million weddings - Mike and I are seriously professional wedding guests, so I thought that I had been to more Hen nights, I think that often I must have made an excuse especially if it was in another town and involved an overnight stay. Plus, in my 20s I was working like an automatum, so probably didn't make the time, especially if there was a wedding to go to 5-6 weeks later.

So now I'm not holding out a great deal of hope for tonight. On paper it sounds good, a meal in a gorgeous restaurant, Velvet, and then drinks in various bars. I think that they have planned it well which is always an option rather than people standing around arguing about where to go. I know that there is a drink planned at Restaurant Bar and Grill, which I love.

It's a Sex and The City themed night, and I do have a red dress, which is one I bought for a posh wedding in November. I have a clashing coral cardigan. I have a red bag and shoes. I am faked tanned. My hair is having a good week. I am at my lowest weight for years and years.

I have a feeling of dread.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Nicked from Dix...

1) What is the weirdest looking thing on your body - by nature or by accident?
I'm not a great fan of my "caesarean overhang". I inverted comma'd that because in fairness, I had it before I had a section, but I like to blame it on having a baby. Clearly, five stone down the line, it looks better but it'll always be there
2) Handful or just a few sheets of toilet paper?I absolutely use too much, but I don't like to touch my own waste wherever possible
.3) What is the absolute smelliest place you've ever visited?I don't know about the smelliest, but the filthiest was a toilet in a cafe in Pisa (get me!) *shudders*
4) Name an entertainment person you'd like to muzzle...and not in a pervy bondage kind of way.Jay Leno. He just clatters like a bell clap.
5) Name an entertainment person you'd like to a pervy bondage kind of way.Is football counting as entertainment here? Because the obvious choice is my real husband Jose Mourhinio.
6) Weapon of choice: noogie, nipple twist or the claw?I really don't know what any of these things are!
.7) Did you ever give someone a food that was not what they thought it was or had been altered in some disturbing way?I have lied to Alfie about what is in his dinner on occasion.
8) Is there ever a non-bodily-threatening reason to kick a guy in the crotch?Probably not
9) You meet the love of your life. You find out later that they are your long lost second cousin. Make it or break it?You see, I'm not sure who is your second cousin. Is it your cousin's cousin? 'Cos I'm sure that that's OK, as you're not related to them by blood. Or is it your cousin's child? Because that WOULD be wierd. Or, your cousin's parent? Euwww.
10) Where's the weirdest place you've ever used the bathroom?In a wood.
11) You have to pick one politician you dislike to get jiggy with. Who is it, and why?Michael Portillo. It's that slightly unpleasant, public schoolboy, filthy in the sack thing (although I may be the wrong gender for the married but childless Tory boy)
12) Cremation or burial?Burial
13) Would you rather be a kleptomaniac or agoraphobic?Agoraphobic.
14) Would you rather have a house with a poltergeist or bugs?Bugs - I am skeered of things like poltergeists!
15) Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are tied to the train tracks. You only have time to free one before the train comes. Who do you save?Definitely Winnie - Micky sucks big time.
16) If you were being reincarnated and had to choose a different race then you were in this life, what would you choose?French - love the language, the style and the food. I would not be a rude Parisienne though.
17) You get the choice to be one of these three, what do you choose: the prettiest person in the world, the richest person in the world, or the smartest person in the world.The smartest. I would love to be intelligent and interesting.
18) Samantha or Jeannie? Samantha - loving that nose wiggle.
19) Would you rather be trapped in Dallas, Melrose Place or Desperate Housewives?Desperate Housewives. My current favourite and I am torn between wanting to be Susan. Bree or Lynnette. I have no desire to be Gabrielle.
20) Trashiest food craving? Millionaire's shortbread - that stuff with caramel and chocolate on it...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Nicked from

1) What is the weirdest looking thing on your body - by nature or by accident?My toes I suppose. They're long and thin and vaguely resemble fingers. Purely a gift of nature.I can snap my toes. That's purely a gift of hard practice.2) Handful or just a few sheets of toilet paper?Handful. I ain't just going to dab and hope for the best.3) What is the absolute smelliest place you've ever visited?The north end of my hometown in Mississippi can smell like death when the wind from pulp wood plant shifts.4) Name an entertainment person you'd like to muzzle...and not in a pervy bondage kind of way.Jay Leno. He just clatters like a bell clap.5) Name an entertainment person you'd like to a pervy bondage kind of way.Normally I would have said Colin Firth but ever since Sal said she met him and reported that he's a bit of an asshat, I'll have to go with my fallback boyfriend, Owen Wilson.6) Weapon of choice: noogie, nipple twist or the claw?The claw. I'm not handling the nipples of someone that I feel the need to use a weapon on.7) Did you ever give someone a food that was not what they thought it was or had been altered in some disturbing way?I licked the bottoms of my college roommate's Hostess cupcakes when she wasn't looking. Just feeling like a vengeful bitch that day.8) Is there ever a non-bodily-threatening reason to kick a guy in the crotch?If he's been taking that crotch where it didn't belong and I find out about it, it's going to meet the end of my foot.9) You meet the love of your life. You find out later that they are your long lost second cousin. Make it or break it?It's a deal breaker for me but not for all my kin. My first cousin's daughter once dated the son of my and my first cousin's aunt. In other words, my second cousin dated her great aunt's son. I don't know what the hell that works out to be but it rates high on my oogy scale...and evidently isn't illegal to do in Mississippi.10) Where's the weirdest place you've ever used the bathroom?Nothing more weird than a cow pasture.11) You have to pick one politician you dislike to get jiggy with. Who is it, and why?Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. He needs to learn a little humility at the end of my six inch stiletto heel.12) Cremation or burial?Cremation13) Would you rather be a kleptomaniac or agoraphobic?Agoraphobic. Hell, I'm at home all the time anyway.14) Would you rather have a house with a poltergeist or bugs?Poltergeist. What better entertainment for me if I'm going to become an agoraphobic?15) Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are tied to the train tracks. You only have time to free one before the train comes. Who do you save?Mickey had better get his four fingered gloved hands to working on that rope because I'm going with the bear.16) If you were being reincarnated and had to choose a different race then you were in this life, what would you choose?American Indian.17) You get the choice to be one of these three, what do you choose: the prettiest person in the world, the richest person in the world, or the smartest person in the world.Richest. No one cares if you're an ugly dumbass if you've got the cash.18) Samantha or Jeannie?Jeannie. It's all about the bottle, baby.19) Would you rather be trapped in Dallas, Melrose Place or Desperate Housewives?Desperate Housewives. At least they're witty and have the sort of houses I like.20) Trashiest food craving?Frito Chili Pie from Sonic. Hell, anything from Sonic!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

As all good things are ... stolen from another blog

What was the last:
1) ... gift that someone gave you? Was it for a special occasion or just out of the blue? What's the last gift that you have given to someone else, and why? Did they like it?

The last gift I was given was probably a bunch of flowers by my husband for our Anniversary in March. Or some Easte chocolate from one of my pupils
The last gift I gave to someone else was an overnight bag to my sister for her birthday - she chose it herself, but I also gave her a Wonder Woman lunchbox I got from ebay as a surprise. She seemed to like it!

2) ... time that you took a walk? Where did you go? Did you walk with someone or go alone? Did you see anything interesting along the way? Do you enjoy walking as a form of exercise?

I walked for five hours around Chester Zoo on Sunday with Alfie. Saw a lot of animals! I like to work but for a purpose rather than aimlessly.

3) ... thing that you thought of before going to bed last night? Why was it on your mind? Did you sleep well last night? Did you have any dreams?

At the moment, I seem to just pass out at bedtime, I am barely conscious the minute I put out the light. So I'm not truly sure what I last thought of. I slept really well. I dreamed that I was about to embark upon an affair with the very attractive father of one of my pupils, who came to talk to me about his son's reading at hometime which is probably why he was on my mind

4) ... day of high school like for you? What were your feelings on that day? Do you still keep in touch with any high school friends?

I remember going to the pub after the last day but that's it. I was probably glad - I wasn't miserable, but they weren't the best years of my life, I was dying to go to University. I am still in touch with Clare my best friend from school, she is my son's godmother.

5) ... phone call you made? To whom, and how long did you talk? Are you on the phone often? How many phones do you have at home?
The last one I made was to a friend but he didn't answer. I took one last night from my husband telling me he was on his way home. I like chatting on the phone but not as much as I used to - my bills used to be huge, but email and texting have taken over a bit. We have a landline and we both have mobiles at home.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Girl's Night In

I have had a night on my own tonight. Mike, for his sins, is competing in the Harlech Triathlon, and has gone off to spend the night in Chris' cottage. Being undeniable hungover, one of the worst I have had for ages, after my sister's birthday party, I popped Alfie into bed and indulged in lamb chops, French bread and greek salad followed by yummy mint aero chocolate balls and skinny cow ice cream. Oh and we had had our lunch at McDonalds today too - could I be any less WW orientated??

I really am finding that the older/thinner I get the less I can deal with alcohol. I have always had a good capacity for the demon drink, and never really suffered from hangovers, but recently I've had some corkers. Dear readers, I do not wish you to think of me as a raving alcoholic, I only really drink once or twice a week, it's just that there have been one or two big social occasions lately and I do feel the need to share them with you! Today's was compounded by lack of sleep too - didn't get in until 1.30am and Alfie woke up at 6.30am. Mum got up with him, but I woke up anyway and the dozing type of sleep that you get after that isn't very refreshing.

Found out that Chris and Sarah are moving to Exeter - only about 200 miles away. I really feel sad about this. Sarah and I met when we were pregnant, trained as teachers together and Chris and Mike are really good friends and so are Alfie and Leo. I think we are going to be bereft, they are are best family friends, and Exeter is really far away. I hate it when life deals you a duff hand.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How bizarre

The strangest thing happened yesterday that truly had me having visions of myself appearing in"Pick Me Up" magazine or similar trash under the title "I left my husband and child for my REAL love - a mis-dialled number brought us together" or similar.

Before I start, I must add at this point, that I have NO intention of leaving Mike and Alfie for anyone, but someone might if this happened to them.

Yesterday my friend Gail had her baby (boy, 8lb 11oz, Joseph, for those interested) and I found out through a text I received at lunchtime at work. So, I duly informed those I was responsible for informing, ie Mike, my sister and my friends Nicola and Debbie, by text. Now I have two numbers in my phone for Debi for some reason, so, not knowing which was the one that worked, I texted both. Within a few minutes, I received texts back from all four of them, saying"great, how lovely etc". A couple of minutes after that, I recieved ANOTHER text from Debi, this time from the other phone, saying: "Is this your new number" so I texted back saying "Yes."(it's relatively new, so...) and then "are you texting me from your new phone and your old phone?".
The texts progressed as below:

"Debi": I am getting some new sofas in June, what do you want me to do with yours, I also have some post for you." WTF?
Me: Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about?
"Debi": Who is this?
At this point, I realised that I had inadvertently sent a text to the wrong person, and her number must have been reallocated, so:
Me: My names Zoe and I think I have texted you by mistake, when passing on baby birth news. Sorry.
Strange person: Unless of course, this is fate...

At this point, we all went a bit crazy in the staffroom as they had been following what was going on - a bit half heartedly until this point. Eventually I sent a text back (after some discussion)
Me: That depends on your gender
Now, I know that this is a bit naughty, but what the hell
Him: I'm a 6'4" male, 26, look a bit like Orlando Bloom
??? Hello!!!??? I'm not daft, I've been hanging around in cyberspace for long enough, people are not who they present themselves as being, most likely 5'4", 46, look a bit like Danny DeVito. Anyway, the staffroom erupted at this stage, so I texted back
Me: Oh really, and elf then?
later on
Him: No sweetheart, elves don't exist...

At this point, I had to make a decision, and I decided to kick this into touch
Me: Oh well, not fate then as I've been waiting all my life for a 6'4" elf. I also think that if you're 26, I might be a little bit too old for you.

Didn't hear anything back from him after that. I'm aware that written down this looks a bit lame,but it was actually quite exciting! Plus, the purpose of this blog is primarily to keep a journal of my life for me, and I want to have this memory. My readers, lovely as they are, have to put up with some inane wittering every now and then!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Things I have done today

Usually when you watch a programme on VH1 called "Every Great Song"* 1985-2005" you would expect to be exercising your remote finger before too long. I have been watching it for the last FOUR songs: Keane "Somewhere only we know" Gwen Stefani "What you waiting for" Maroon 5 "She will be loved" and Scissor Sisters "Shake Your Mama" - ie from 2004 - which must mean that I am more "Wit' da kidz" than I think I am.

(*- heh heh, when I first typed that, I accidentally typed "Every Great Dong 1985-2005", which made me snigger to think that there might be such a programme, with all the great penises of the last 20 years mid Friday afternoon for bored housewives)

So, today, I watched the Pope's funeral with my gay best friend Tony, until two weeks ago also my boss, who turned out to be the best person ever to watch the Pope's funeral with, as we managed to combine gossiping about work, eating bacon butties, crying and discussing whether or not mantillas work better in black or white. (The answer is black, no one should ever wear a white mantilla) In fact, I think I need a mantilla, I have always loved the drama of them and after today, I think I really ought to get one, although where I would actually wear it I do not know - I would hardly wear it to Sunday Mass, although that would be the natural place to weat one (in 1950).

Then I stripped the beds and did the laundry and the ironing. My sister is coming tonight for a shopping day tomorrow so I need clean bed linen, and IMHO bed linen needs to be ironed.

Yesterday I also went shopping as tomorrow is for my (pregnant) sister really. I bought a coral skinny fit cardigan to go over my red cocktail dress, which I will be wearing for Joanne's SATC themed Hen Night. I felt I needed some arm cover, and a clashing skinny fit cardigan was perfect, and will go with lots of other things and was 50% off at an already bargaineous price of £14.99. I got one in pink too, and a cheeky chocolate coloured lace wrapover. I checked out the new ASDA (Walmart) Living shop and bought some dee-vine shoes for £15 in the sale - it was nearly two pairs, so I got off lightly really.

Now you see VH1 are spoiling it with J-Lo "Get Real". How exactly does this constitue a "great song"?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

RIP John Paul II

It is sad news that the Pope has passed on although it is better for him that he is out of pain and suffering. I have read a lot about him this weekend and learned so much - terrible that as a catholic, although only a semi-practising one, I had no idea about so much of his life. I do feel that a lot of his teachings were out of touch with the modern world, although of course, the church probably shouldn't adapt itself to things just because the world moves on. Still, my own personal belief is that God is a bit more caring and understanding about some of the issues that the Church appears not to be. I did not know about his part in the dismantlement of communism, I had no idea that it wasn't normal for Popes to travel the world, or meet world leaders, because really there has been no other Pope in my lifetime - I was 7 when he was elected, and although I remember his election, I wasn't really conscious of what went before. My regret is that as a family we never went to see the Pope when he visited the UK -my Dad didn't want to. Cheers Dad.

God Bless, Il Papa.
Have had a lovely weekend all told. I took Alfie to two parties and he did really well at both of them, which is important as I have been worried that he has been quite shy and reluctant to join in things. Yesterday's party was a soft play party with slides and balls and stuff and he got stuck in at that more or less straight away as he has been to a couple of these before. He had a lovely time and it gave me a chance to socialise with some of the other Mum's which was really nice.

Today's was a Jabberjack's party, which I was especially interested in as it is what I have in mind for Alfie's 4th birthday in August. The Mum of one of the children in my class runs these and it was great - fun, entertainment, singing, dancing, puppets etc. Natch, Alfie was somewhat overawed and clingy at the beginning, but really got into it, although he wouldn't let me move more than about 3 feet away from me - cue me playing with puppets, jumping up and down with Tigger, lying under the parachute and playing Sleeping Lions etc etc - good job I have no shame. Anyway, I am definitely going to book him one for his birthday as it was great - loads more fun for the kids than running around in the soft play, although that is good too. I was amazed how many parents just left thier children there though - I know I am a bit clingy to Alfie but I would never leave him in a strange place like that. I hope that people don't just drop thier kids off for his party - mind you, apart from about three or four children at Alfie's party, mostly it will be my friends there, not just nursery parents, so they won't.

I am testing this to see if it works

Friday, April 01, 2005

3 am

Is the time I struggled in this morning. Now, I don't want anyone thinking that I am some kind of raver, but I did have another night out last night, this time with the girls I met on my PGCE course last year. Went to OCA and had a prawn starter and a goats' cheese salad with no dressing. I would be a size ten if I didn't drink, I swear, as I would have been a perfect Weightwatcher if I hadn't imbibed at least a whole bottle of wine and three beers. Did dance though. Even so, would still have been alright if I had not practically inhaled a portion of chips and a coke at 2.30 - I was STARVING!!!!

Had a lovely night though, Sarah was on top form.

Been feeling rather under the weather today though, the older and the thinner I get the harder the grape hits me. Watched the new series of Footballers' Wives that Mike had videoed for me - it was quite good although I didn't like the bits with the babies. Nicola came round with the fabulous James this afternoon, it was really nice to see her, and James was as good as gold, he had a lovely sleep on my lap, I haven't lost my knack.

So far the holidays have been pretty good fun, I am looking forward to another week off although I do have to go into school on Tuesday

Bonjour Ms Peach!

I would just like to say a huge Hello to the lovely Ms Dixie Peach who has outed herself as a reader of this Blog! Hope you're well and Kim, smooches to B!