Thursday, February 24, 2005

So, to explain about the advert

Asda is Walmart's UK branch. Obviously, you know who Sharon Osbourne is, her profile is even higher over here since she was a judge on The X Factor, a kind of over developed version of Pop Idol created by Simon Cowell (who is my secret boyfriend), and faking an antipathy towards my Simon despite accepting an enormous paycheck from him every week, all for the sake of ratings. In actual fact, I quite like Sharon, she loves her family and she's not scared to make herself look good at any cost, without becoming Bride of Wildenstein. Anyway, I digress.

So, Shazzer attends her local ASDA (Walmart) and collects a trolley and says to camera "I'm here at ASDA to find out about the great value Mum's can get at ASDA."
Point 1 - as IF she would ever shop there
Point2 - is it 1978? Surely that style of advertising went out then, if not before?
Point 3 - only Mums can do the shopping?(I mean, that is apparantley the case in this house but that's another story altogether...

So, then there is a sequence of Sharon inspecting things and putting them into her trolly whilst extolling the virtues of the purchases - ie a pizza from the fresh pizza section (Quote: "I won't have to cook tonight" oh yeah), fingering a little girl's dress from the clothes section ("Such attention to detail!") and stacking up a pile of DVDs (That'll keep the kids quiet for a few hours"), and then inspecting the receipt at the end and unsurprisingly coming to the conclusion that, in fact, ASDA is good value for money (yup, well it'd probably be even better if they weren't paying you £18 squillion to gurn at us on TV, Shazzer) before gently tapping some poor old fella working for ASDA twice on the butt as she leaves the store (NB Overseas readers: tapping the bottom twice at the end of the ASDA advert is a tradition - it means that ASDA are fantastic value for money as you have much more left in your back pocket after shopping there.)

Now I am an occasional ASDA shopper, basically because they have a better range of skinny cows than anywhere else in the UK and also they are dirt cheap at the end of the month compared to Tesco (my supermarket du choix). I actually feel like never shopping there again after seeing that ad.

So Poppy - that's the dirt on the ASDA advert.

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Poppymom said...

I would pay money to see Ozzy shuffling around a Wal-Martesque store. Or working as a greeter.