Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tired girl

Well. You were kind of right Beege - I had the most enormous and gorgeous bouquet delivered to school yesterday afternoon - but he admitted that it was because he had ordered it that morning. Oh well!

Yesterday was absolutely exhausting - my class Mass was first thing in the morning - this means that my children lead the Mass, we do the readings the opening prayers, the bidding prayers and the offetory. Which is fine except when you teach five and six year olds and you need 84,000 rehearsals. I actually physically shake with nerves during the Mass,mainly because all the parents are there and obviosuly this means that I am "on show". Anyway, it went really, really well, and the children completely pulled it out of the bag. I had made some particularly risky decisions as some of my rather wallflowery children who were reluctant to speak had been persuaded by me, to take part, so it could have gone wrong, but luckily they were great!

Wednesday is my playground duty day, so I didn't get a break all day, there was infant meeting at lunchtime when I was making a presentation, and a staff meeting at 3.30. So I came home last night never less feeling like being romantic and celebrating our anniversary...

Anyway, promotion news. I have been offered a place on our management team at school, co-ordinating the education of the children with Special Educational Needs, which is a pretty massive thing, especially at this stage in my career. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time, but I can't let this opportunity pass.

Centreparks this weekend - me and Mike and Alfie having a lovely weekend away in a log cabin and having lots of fun, I am really looking forward to it especially as we are not taking loads of food and things but eating out and there won't need to be so much organisation.


beege said...

Yay for flowers! Yay for promotion! Yay for Zoe!

And never ever quibble over WHEN the flowers were purchased. The fact that they were purchased at all is what we need to focus on. ;)

Sally said...

SEN coordinator? You'll be amazing.

Happy Anniversary babe! It's our 9th this May (parallel lives you and me...) I'm so glad M sent you flowers. Have a fantastic weekend at CP - we went there in December and loved it. Pamper yourself on Sunday and have a fab time.

Thank you for the link to my blog and thank you for the lovely comments.

Huge hugs
Sal x