Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Life update

Had my first of two parents' nights this afternoon. Blimey, we had it all!

First, one mother burst into tears because she had just heard that her husband had been taken into hospital with recurrent suspected coeliac disease.

Then another mother moved me and herself to tears by telling me that her daughter's wonderful progress and development and self confidence was all down to me. God I love my job.

Next, there was an admission of bed wetting from a parent (about thier child, not them) and it was the very last child I would have expected.

I have agreed two separate behaviour/work/incentive/sanction programmes with two groups of parents.

And the parent of my most needy child (unsurprisingly) didn't show. And that make me effing mad, because I needed to see that mother to discuss that child's IEP, and the possibility of referring her to the school nurse for an ADHD assessment. This is a mother who never pays for anything: charity contributions when we have a mufti day;music lessons; school trips; anything. The child doesn't get heard to read or helped to learn spellings. Quite Frankly, this woman does not deserve a child. And this is not some poverty stricken woman, she has a decent job with a car firm and drives a 4x4. She cannot be A***d. It makes me sad because this child has no future, and there is so little that we can do for her, although we will try very hard.

Mike is in London, so I am experiencing the joys of singleparenthood. If truth is to be told, I am enjoying having him to myself. Last night he said to me "Is Daddy coming home tomorrow" I said, "no, sweetie, not tomorrow". Then he said " he is coming home soon though?" and I said "of course, not tomorrow, but the next day" and he broke into a beautiful smile and said"oh good, because I was starting to feel a little bit sad".

I really do have the most fabulous child in the known universe.

Having a downer on myself, so have dealt with it in the most mature and relevant way possible - ordering some stuff from the Next Directory - I realised this weekend that I haven't really got many "going out clothes", so I have ordered some. I am a clothes buying maniac.

I have spent some time today planning the enormous clearout and reorganisation that I am going to do over the Easter Hols - I cannot WAIT for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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beege said...

You really DO have a fabulous boy, Z. I can't even believe that he's already so grown-up! I can remember when he was born!!!

And I love thinking of him talking with you in a lovely British accent. Between he and Pip, you'll have all our girls swooning. ;)