Thursday, March 10, 2005

My son is so clever - he explained the life cycle of the caterpillar and the butterfly to me this morning in the car, including use of the word “cocoon”. I think I have a child genius on my hands.

Well, things with the job are okay, it is available and I have everyone on the Senior Management Team telling me that they want me to get it, except that it turns out that someone else at school has unexpectedly put herself forward for it – and this person (although 25) is the Head of Juniors at the school and will be Acting Deputy Head next term, so I am now needless to say, slightly concerned that my chances are none and a dog’s. In fact, I am tempted to withdraw my interest in the name of saving face. Do I really want to go through an interview and the stress of it all? Sure everyone was keen for me to do it before, but nobody even thought that she would be interested. Personally I think that she’s got rather a lot on her plate anyway, but Hey, I’m biased.

Things are tense at school anyway, there is a load of politics going on, and it’s tiring. None of it is anything to do with me, but it’s wearing

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