Friday, March 25, 2005

One helluva week

It's been a long week. The end of term is a trying time as there is a focus to getting things finished and so on, and Easter, like Christmas means that lots is going on in the school as we are Catholic, so the routine is up the spout. Then added to that, the Head (who has been a good friend of mine for years, before I taught) is leaving and there has been a big she-bang to do with that, inlcuding a night out last night.

I have been really surprised at how bitchy some of the staff at the school are - for example, there was a parent "do" on Wednesday and the parents presented Tony's mum with a bunch of flowers and one of them (who is also a friend of Tony) made a, well a bit gushing for my taste, speech. Three of them were having a good bitch about it when I got in the next day, which I found distasteful anyway, but even worse, in the staffroom at break, one of them said "I thought that it was really lovely what they did for your Mum last night..." !!! What the..? I just can't understand the mentality of that -by all means have your opinion, bitch if you like, but to be so two faced??? I hope I am not like that, I will try to make sure I never am in the future.

One quite exciting thing that happened to me last night is something that I shouldn't be pleased about but am - I got felt up in a nightclub. Now I've written that down I can see how tacky it looks, but this NEVER happens to me. I never get chatted up, approached, whatever, so someone feeling the need to stroke my bottom is a big thing for me. Sorry all feminists.

I have two lovely weeks off now, which I am overjoyed about! My intentions are:
  • to eat well - cook everything from scratch
  • to do some exercise
  • to rest
  • to spring clean one room in the house each day
  • to read
  • to get ready for next term

and that would do nicely.

1 comment:

Sally said...

I'm not surprised you got felt up. You're a foxy chick.

And as far as the bitchiness goes, I have often found people in education to be the worst...when I was contemplating entering the arena of teaching, I was shocked by the staff room gossip I heard on my school visits (and I was a stranger in there, and they didn't hold back....)

You keep out of it....

Hope you have a lovely easter...

Sal x