Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I am just having one of those times at work when you just think " why is there so much to do?" It is my class mass tomorrow, there is still a lot of curriculum and not that much time and sometimes I just feel like screaming.

Still going well with the back to basics WW.

Sorry, just how dull am I?

I know something interesting - it is my wedding anniversary tomorrow and I know for a fact that my husband has not got me anything. A bunch of flowers wouldn't have hurt. We are going to Centreparcs for the weekend (all three of us) and I know that he loves me and is one of the finest men in the world, but a bunch of flowers would NOT have hurt.

Nine years, wow, it's a long time!


beege said...

Well, maybe he's pulling the same trick M did with my birthday. We can all hope, right?

jess said...

Congratulations, zoe! I hope he comes through with something special for you.