Sunday, March 20, 2005

Easy like Sunday Morning...

Is there a better place to be in this world on a Sunday morning than in your nice tidy house with your beautiful son watching television and chatting together? No, I don't think so!

Had a really nice day yesterday, Mike let me have a lovely lie in which I really needed as after my post about parents' night, I barely slept and then Mike and I had "words" at 6am on Friday, I felt like I'd been hit by a bus all day. Mike and I quickly made it up and didn't go to work on a row, but I was just so drained from it all. Didn't go to book club as I was shattered, which is a shame. Anyway, we all got stuck in cleaning the house, it was a lovely sunny day so we had all the windows open and it felt like spring is here! A bit greyer this morning, but I've hopes for later on in the day.

We took Alfie to (another) party - this one at the soft play place at the Trafford Centre and it was much more successful as it was a nicer place and he enjoyed it - I wonder if Mike being there was a help as well? After that we went over to Dad's and went for an early meal with them at Est Est Est which was nice, Alfie enjoyed it and it was nice to spend some time with Dad although as always too much wine was consumed!

Unbeleivably I had lost 4lb on Friday taking me to 50lb loss with WW and 70lb altogether from my highest weight. It just goes to show how arbitrary all of this is, as I didn't deserve that loss, but it balances out gains that have unfairly happened. Plus I got my period yesterday morning so even more bizarre really. Watch now as I have a good week and put 3lb on ...

Some of my new clothes came and they are nice, although quite different from things that I have worn before, I have to get used to a change in style I suppose.

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