Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday night feeling

Back from Centreparcs - we had a lovely time! We got there quite late on Friday so really only had time to have a quick bite and fall into bed. Yesterday was freezing and grey and the pool part was packed - I didn't enjoy it as much as last time, and then was so cold ended up under a blanket on the sofa for most of the afternoon, so was in danger of not having a good time, but had a bath and gave myself a good talking to - felt much better!

Anyway, today was lovely, the three of us had a fantastic time at the watercentre, sliding, swimming and jumping into the pool (the last one, Alfie only!) and then went for lunch at a pub and then chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

So it was really nice to spend the weekend together as a family, we need to do it more often. Need to eat and go to bed now, night night!

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