Wednesday, March 30, 2005


are really quite the most wonderful thing. I am having a wonderfully relaxing time, I have done some housework, a bit of shopping, some TV watching - and I still have a week and a half left.

I have been trying really hard with my diet since Monday - Sunday at Mum's was a dietary disaster with a roast dinner - Mum's veggies are always cooked in yummy butter/olive oil spread - and wine as well as the obligatory (although not even vaguely as much as other years) chocolate. I have walked to collect Alfie the last two days and cut back on the Points a little. Hoping for a stay the same. Totally trying to get back on complete track now.

Had a wardrobe re-evaluation yesterday as well, so sorted out my clothes and tried a few combinations of outfits on, and sorted out some of the stuff that is too big.

My life is so boring at the moment - I'm not surprised no one is reading this blog!

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Dixie said...

I'm reading! I'm reading! Not bored at all!