Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The new regime

Oh dear God, I had forgotten how exhausting the job is - particularly when you insist on wearing high heels. Well, I will not succuumb! I need the three inch support!

It;s going OK - Ted is doing fantastically and I am so very very proud of him. He seems happy and content at nursery, although very pleased to see me when I come to collect him. Last night, Alfie started Beavers, and he was fine about going, and me leaving him there; I went home and ruminated on the achievement that is having confident, well adjusted children. I don't often congratulate myself on my parenting, who does, but I do feel like this is something to celebrate.

In terms of going back to work; well, it's okay really. I do love being in the classroom, it's something I feel that I can be good at end enjoy. I love being with children and so far, I'm enjoying the new age group (7-8 rather than 5-6) - thier independence is refreshing. I'm busy, but that's ok. I am just about managing the whole 'getting two kids home and sorting them out' situation, so far without resorting to convenience teas, I'm constantly thinking about speedy, nutritious meals that preferably let me hold a small baby whilst preparing. I'm also finding a cup of coffee very invigorating at 5pm, which I wouldn't normally do in fear of it keeping me awake, but at the moment, the minute my head hits the pillow...

I cannot WAIT for Friday, and my chance to be a Mummy again for the day, it can't come to soon. Well, in 48 hours, my working week is over, so heigh-ho! Onwards!

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