Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 In The Beginning...
Where did you bring in the New Year? In bed, I think as I was 17 weeks pregnant
Who were you with? Mike, Alfie and the soon to arrive Ted inside!
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? I was probably asleep, but if I did it was Mike
Did you make any resolutions? I will check back in the blog, but they would be most likely to be about being a good mother/wife/daughter/friend etc

2007 Your Love Life...
Did you break up with anyone? No
Did you get anything for Valentine's Day? A card
Did you meet anyone? The lovely Ted!
Did you fall in love? Only Ted!
Are you still in love? Yes, more each day I think

2007 Friends and Enemies...
Did you meet any new friends this year? I met some new Mums, and also someone who I think is going to be a great friend who I met in hospital when we were having our babies. A couple of new work colleagues
Did any of your friendships end? I think I've come to the end of the road with one person although we did exchange Christmas cards - we've become too different. A dear friend passed on right at the end of 2007
Did you dislike anyone? I'm not a fan of someone who I'm supposed to respect
Did you make any new enemies? I hope not although I expect I'm not everyone's cup of tea
Did you resolve any fights? No
Who was your closest friend? Colette, Karen, Gail, Nicola
Who did you grow apart from? my Dad sadly as he's emigrated - inevitable I suppose
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? There's someone who i should have cut out years ago and didn't until about seven years ago.

2007 Your BIRTHDAY!!!
How old did you turn? 36
Did you have a cake? No
What did you do for your birthday? Went for a posh meal with some mates
Did you have a party? No
Did you get any presents? The pictures I posted here on canvas. Perfume. Cosmetics
If so what was the best thing you got? Perfume I think, the photos are nice, but I don;t think that they are really a present for me alone

2007 All about YOU...
Did you change at all this year? I'm more family orientated than ever because I've got more family1
Did you dye your hair? Yes, chocolate and caramel highlights
Did you get your hair cut? Yes. about four times
Did you change your style? Went a bit shorter but essentially the same curly bob
Were you in school? Teaching in one1
Did you get good grades? N/A
Did you have a job? Yes, but on mat leave April - Dec
Did you drive? Yes
Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes! Me!
Did you move at all? No
Did you go on any vacations? Devon
Did you leave the country at all? No
Would you change anything about yourself now? I'd like to get back to my pre-baby weight

2007 Wrap Up...
Was 2007 a good year? yes. I've loved being a Mum of two, and adored being at home.
Did 2007 bring any new insights? The importance of family
Do you think 2008 will top 2007? not sure. I hope so
Do you have any goals for 2008? To get thinner and healthier. To achieve a decent work/life balance
If you could go back and change any moment which would you choose from 2007? I would have spent more time with Pam the last time I saw her, at a friend's wedding in August

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