Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new Year!!!

I've just spent a few minutes reading over last years blogs- didn't actually take very long as I barely blogged, my excuse being that I was pregnant and had a little baby. What it did show me was that it is good to blog - even the little that I had written took me back to times I had thought I had forgotten.

So 2008 -- well, it was seen in in a very low key way here - M hates New Year, so we watched The Queen (absolutely fab film) on v+, M made some lamb and pistachio kebabs from Jamie at Home and we had some wine. I rang my Mum and kissed the boys at midnight and that was that - except I popped up the road at 9.30 for a glass of red with Colette. We have had a low key Christmas too, at our friends on Christmas Eve, my Mum's on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, where I had D and V on Christmas Night and spent Boxing Day feeling mainly wretched. We went to the in-laws on the 27th (highlight - taking Alfie through the Mersey Tunnel) and had Colette and John and the kids round on the 28th. The weekend was quiet although we had a bimble out to Dunham Massey and lunch. I went to the Sales on Saturday and got some great bargains. Alfie and I went to soft play yesterday morning with his friend, and I had a coffee and a chat with his mum. I took Ted into Sale yesterday afternoon to do some shopping and met up with my friend Tony for a coffee. Actually, when you write it down, it's been quite busy.

Today, I think we're going into Manchester to see what's going on, and then tomorrow Ted starts at nursery. *gulp* and Thursday I go back to work. And Friday is my friend Pam's funeral.

I want to pay a quick tribute to Pam. She was my friend from work, a Teaching Assistant. She has had cancer as long as I've known her, but got worse in the last four months. She died on the Thursday before Christmas. Pam was funny, irreverent, caring and kind. I am going to miss her lots. She was the first one at the bar and the last one to let her illness get her down. God Bless You Pam G, you touched lots of lives and will be missed

New Years' Resolutions
  1. To get back to work and make it work - to make sure I spend time with both boys, and to keep my work/life balance in perspective
  2. To get back to my pre-baby weight. This means to get back to my pre-baby eating patterns. Goddammit there are clothes hanging uselessly in the wardrobe!!!!
  3. I am giving up alcohol for January. If/when I recommence in February I need to change the pattern - less wine, more shorter drinks with mixers
  4. I am not going to buy any more cheesy celeb magazines - they are rubbish, and I could spend the money on other things.
  5. In fact I am going to try not to buy anything in January - no clothes/make up etc. Just essentials - food, deodorant etc. I want to keep a record of my spending and see where it all goes!
  6. To find some kid of exercise that suits me and do it. I'm a real couch potato, and I only really like swimming, dancing and walking. The gym bores me and I don't like any participation sport.
  7. Cut back on my laptop use - 1 hour a day
  8. Obviously to be the best mother/wife/daughter/friend/sister I can be

------and to update my blog a LOT more!

Happy New Year readers, if you have a blog I will promise to comment more!


Miss Beck said...

Happy New Year Zoe!

Those resolutions are terrific.

Sorry to hear about your friend Pam.

Moxie said...

Happy New Year gorgeous! May 2008 be the best yet :o)


Sorry to hear about your friend. May she rest in peace *hug*