Sunday, January 13, 2008

Come Dine With Me

Is mine and dh's secret pleasure. In case you haven't seen it, five people who are strangers cook dinner parties for each other on five consecutive nights and give each other marks out of ten for the food/hosting/experience. It's on on a weekday on Channel 4, but we v+ it off More4 on a Sunday where they play the five episodes back to back, then we watch it altogether on a Sunday night, skipping the adverts. It is an ace programme, and the only reality TV programme I would ever consider being on, not particularly because I consider myself to be anything like a good cook, but because I love the idea of five strangers living in each others' pockets for a week and scoffing loads of different foods. Either they get on really well, or there is one nutter (a la every series of Big Brother since 2003 )who everyone hates and is quite mad.

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