Friday, January 11, 2008

And the first week is over

The title says it all.

We, as a family, have survived the first week of Mummy being back at work. And, it's been okay, as okay as I might have dared to think it might be. Ted has settled down so well in nursery, the girls seem to be looking after him really well, he's happy and smiley, eating and sleeping, which must indicate contentment. He's also very very pleased to see me when I come to get him, which is important. Back at work, I'm doing okay, getting into the swing of things, and I do love being in front of a class and having fun with them. The days are so busy that they do fly by and not too much of a chance be sad. The hardest bit is the end of the day, when I have to get everything ready for the next day, collect two children from various places, get home, get Alfie's tea ready and entertain Ted all at the same time. It's helped by the fact that Ted is quite keen to have another tea (he eats about 4ish at nursery when he gets him, so we all sit down together whilst the boys eat. The only permutation of a day we haven't done yet is me doing the whole shebang because Mike is away. That's on Monday, when I will have to drop off and pick up both boys and do bedtime alone. I think Alfie will be having a special treat of McDonalds on Monday night, so this will help a bit! For the first time, I think I need to be cut a little slack... or maybe I'll get a pizza. Mike will be at home late in the evening and it will give me the chance to catch up on some Sopranos, I am only on the episode that More4 put on on the 27th December!

Today is my first day of not working (because now I work 4 days a week) and although it's only 10am, I am already loving it. It's so nice to be back being a Mum, taking Alfie to school and then getting Ted into bed, looking forward to getting him up and spending the day together - and of course, getting the Friday feeling on a Thursday!

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