Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I watched Mary Poppins yesterday

...and it struck me how much easier it was to be a parent in 1918, at least for the Banks'.

Mrs Banks can prioritise her Suffragette activities without wondering who is taking Jane to Rainbows or Michael to swimming. And on Mary Poppins' day off, she simply palms the children off on a passing chimney sweep, who, I suspect, may not even be a REAL cockney!

Ted is in nursery and I am beside myself. I arranged for him to start today as I thought I would be in school today and I'm not. So, I decided to still put him in so that I wasn't working on his first day, which is probably better for him, but not for me. I've been at a colleague's this morning working, but now I am home, and despite Alfie and Mike being here I cannot settle, it is the longest day in the world. I've spoken to them twice and he is okay. I am counting down the minutes until I can legitimately fetch him - I want him to have his tea there so he's had the experience of both meals - so it will be about 4pm which is earlier than he will be picked up usually. Why am I finding it so hard to do this this time, when I have already done it once?? Would a Mary Poppins be better?? I've always thought that leaving one person in charge of your child is risky because no one is supervising that person, also, the child becoming more attached to them than they are to you... shudder. But I'm not sure now.

Oh well, that's ten minutes killed

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Sally said...

Oh babe...sending you (and Ted) a big hug. Today will be the hardest I imagine....let us know how it went. Bet he either doesn't notice when you arrive to pick him up or does that thing that both my boys do - bursts into tears as soon as they see me even though I'm assured by nursery/creche staff that they've been happy as larry all day - they just do it to make me feel guilty I'm sure!!!

More hugs (and happy new year)

Sal x