Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sore sore throat

When will I be well again? I seem to have been snotty, then earachey and catarhh-y and now sore throat-y for weeks! Not poorly enough to be off nd in bed mind, just enough to feel grumpy and under the weather...

Having a nice quiet weekend, beginning our sorting and decluttering, which is great for both of us, we are getting a skip next weekend or the weekend after to chuck it all away.

Up far too early with A, who appears to have forgotten how to lie in - although yesterday Mike got up with him and let me lie in until 10am which was bliss, and he did all the ironing, I think I have the perfect husband (nearly). Clare and Martin are dropping in later this morning so I will have to get him up earlier than that, although I will give him a bit of a lie in.

No baby news from Nic, spoke to her last night, I wonder if it will be this week? Clare is only four weeks to go too, but spoke to her briefly on Wed and she sounds a bit low, they have nothing prepared for the baby at all, which worries me, I got them three babygrows and three vests from ASDA yesterday to give them today. She said that they were going for a big shop on Monday so I hope that they get sorted! I was hyper organised when I had A so that kind of thing is anathema to me. I panicked that I wouldn't have everything I needed!

Can't wait for these babies to start to arrive (especially my niece/nephew in August/September!)

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