Saturday, January 29, 2005

Now you see, this is what happens to me with diaries..

It ends up that I haven't written for nine days and each of those days I have actually been on line, so why not I don't know.

Have had a good nine days - lost six pounds altogether, had a fabulous night out at OCA with Lisa, Sarah and Collette, really enjoyed that. Good if wierd week at school, Y2 child attacked a supply teacher yesterday and has been temporarily excluded, which was really strange.

Mum is here with Tony, Mike and I are going out to OCA (I should get a discount) with Gary and Kath tonight, so Alfie is in his element. I want him to see a lot of mum whilst he's still an only grandchild, I think he might resent sharing his beloved Mamar with someone else.

We might be going to Edinburgh to meet up with Mike's friends Liz and Edgar from the USA in a fortnight - we don't hve long to organise it but it would be really good if we could, I've never been and I love it!

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