Monday, January 17, 2005

My Godson is here!

James Robert George Walton was born this morning at 7.30am, weighing 7lb 80z and he is absolutely gorgeous, I went to see him tonight at the hospital. When I peeped around the corner she was just looking at him in his crib and then she looked at me and we both burst into tears and had a good cry and a hug, it was lovely. She seems to have done really well, quite an easy birth although she had to have a ventouse delivery in the end. She did say "never again" though. I'm not sure how long she'll be in though, she wants to get breast feeding established.

He made me feel very broody.

Good day at school, I explained to the children that I was waiting for a baby to be born, and they were really excited, I showed them that I was putting my mobile on the table and that I wouldn't normally do that, and then about five minutes later the text message thing went off and all 25 of them gasped and couldn't wait for me to tell them the news, it was one of my lovely moments.

Had a practice of my lesson for Thursday and I have decided to do something simpler. The lesson went well and I enjoyed it, they did too, but there is too much potential for mistakes and I really want to impress. Numeracy it is then.

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