Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Maybe Baby - on the eve of the Epiphany...

Had a really great day at school today. Every lesson I taught went well, and you can't ask for more than that. When I look back on the years I spent in a job that caused me so much stress and anxiety I can't believe that I stayed so long... I truly feel like I wasted a lot of my 20s being stressed and twisted up in my job. I will never do that again, it just isn't worth it.

I'm going to watch Desperate Housewives later as it is about time I got into a phenomenon at the opening of the gate - I was a late arrival to Friends, Big Brother, SATC, so I am determined to at least watch this one from the start.

Christmas deccos came down today - always a sad time but a refreshing time - the house looks tidy and spacious which is nice. Packing them up was a little poignant - can't help thinking what will have changed in life by the time that they come out of thier packaging again? Viv's baby will be here, I could even be pg myself...

No, that won't be the case, after all he's only said he'll think about it although that is a MAJOR breakthrough, and it won't be this year. We need a couple of years with no nursery fees and also I will be earning a lot more then too. Maybe we would be able to have some kind of different arrangement for childcare - a childminder or something, although I do prefer nursery as more formal and structured. Mike may be working more at home by then of course. Anyway, pipe dreams at the moment. I might not even manage to get pregnant again.

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