Sunday, July 24, 2005

Not tagged - stolen

From a random blog I accessed via another blog. But I like...

Three names I go by:
1. Zoe
2. Mrs Davies
3. Mummy :)

Three screen names I’ve had:
1. BayouBouffant
2. Reisling
3. no others

Three physical things I like about myself:
1. my boobs
2. my hair - on good days today is NOT one of those
3. my skin

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
1. belly
2. facial hair
3. top of my arms

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Irish
2. Welsh
3. don't know!

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. Jeans - size 16 (hurray!)
2. Brown scoop necked top
3. turquoise round pendant

Three favorite bands/musical artists :
1. U2
2. Pet Shop Boys
3. Robbie Williams

Three favorite songs:
1. Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
2. Groovejet - Spiller
3. Where the Streets have no name - U2
- today anyway

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. a best friend
2. sex
3. equality

Two truths and a lie
1. I was once in Prima Baby magazine
2. My wedding ring cost £5
3. I sent an audition tape for the first Big Brother but they rejected me

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
1. Eyes
2. Shoulders

3. Smile

Three favorite hobbies:
1. Reading
2. Sudoko
3. Shopping

Three things I want to do badly right now :
1. Eat chocolate even though I am full
2. Have another glass of wine
3. Call in sick tomorrow (onlly 1.5 days to go!!!!)

Three things that scare me:
1. Dying and leaving my son motherless
2. Fish in tanks make me cringe
3. Terrorism

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Lipstick
2. Jewellry
3. Coffee

Three Careers you have considered or are considering :
1. Management - check
2. Teaching - check
3. Shop Ownership

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. New York
2. Australia
3. Moscow

Three kids’ names you like:
1. Ava
2. Patrick
3. Finn
( I have used my favourite!)

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Go in a hot air balloon
2. Sing in a club and be applauded
3. Be chatted up by someone unbelievably attractive - and turn him down

Three ways I am stereotypically a boy:
1. I like football
2. I swear quite a bit on occasio, patricularly at other drivers
3. I like drinking

Three ways I am stereotypically a girl:
1. I like shopping
2. I have given birth
3. I love shoes

Three celeb crushes :
1. Jack Davenport
2. Dermot O'Leary
3. Robbie Williams

Three people I am tagging:
1. Dix
2. Sally
3. Beege

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