Sunday, July 24, 2005

A weekend of culture!


Took Alfie for his first ever theatre trip yesterday - we went to see The Snow Dragon at the local theatre (I got free tickets) - it was good, the acting was a bit hammy, but the appearance of the Snow Dragon itself was very moving - my heavily pregnant sister was nearly in tears!

After a quick whizz around the shops we went for coffee at Cafe Nero.

Today, Viv and I took Alfie to see Madagascar while Mike was at a triathlon. It was pretty good, not a lot of substance, but Alfie proclaimed "I loved it!" when it was over, which is all that one needs! Then we went for a pizza and had a quick look at the Next sale - I got a pair of denim shorts which I love - they are sort of knee length and were £10 reduced from £22 - I waltzed about feeling like SJP in them and my snakeskin wedges when I got home!

I have spotted the most divine handbag and necklace in a local house/accessory shop - total cost £65, I am SOOOOOOOOO tempted, but balking at the extravagance. I don't have much money at the moment, but I do have a VISA card and a pay increase and joint account reduction from September, so I could...

Maybe I will take Mike there on Friday when we try to have a date, to celebrate the last day of paid childcare!

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