Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well, I got the job!

But it's been a peculiar day.

The interiew was fine from my point of view - it was roasting hot today and I had to wait a long time to be seen.

Anyway, the presentation went really well, but I didn't think that the question part of the interview had gone that well, but when I came out, Jayne, one of the deputy heads followed me and whispered to me that I had been fantastic, but I wasn't particularly convinced.

Anyway, Tina, the other deputy head came over to my classroom 20 minutes later and asked me to go back. I sort of hoped that they were going to offer me the job, but I really wasn't sure. When I got in there, the Chair of Governers immediately offered me the job "if I wanted it". Obviously I accepted.

But, the wierd thing today is the reaction of the other girl who didn't get it - she has barely spoken to me and been wierd. I know that it is hard, but I also know that I would not have been like that if I hadn't been successful. The whole day has been wierd.

Now of course I am panicking that I can't actually deliver what I have promised. But Mike and I have had some champagne, so that's nice.


Dixie said...

Congratulations! I know you're going to do a great job. Sorry the other girl was weird to you but some folks have to digest their disappointment I suppose.

Katya said...

Congratulations on the job. I was actually wondering if you would post how the interview went. Sorry the other girl acted so strangely.

Sally said...

You're a bloody star - well done and sod the other girl...you have to be mature about things and the best gal won!

Hoorah for you

Sal x