Thursday, August 04, 2005

Full time mummy

Well, school has finally finished and I am on my holidays, Needless to say the weather has been pants. Had a nice start to the holidays; M took the day off and we spent the day together shopping and lunching. it was A's last day at nursery, so our last day with 8-6 childcare! Then we went ot my Mum's and A stayed there for a couple of days. As a surprise, Mike had arranged to take me to the Will Young Tatton Picnic Concert. We met up with some friends of mine and had a lovely time.

From Monday it's gone a bit downhill - we had to go and say goodbye to our friends who are moving down South.

Yesterday was the first "proper" day of the holidays - just me and A together, and I have to say, it was pretty hard work. We had a job to do, which was to sort out all the toys, as it is his birthday coming up, and we did that quite quickly, so we played a few games and watched a little TV. Then we did some painting/craft, but by the end of that we were really beginning to get grumpy with each other - so I took him to the park for an hour, which helped. I am not yet in Mum mode, I have forgotten what it is like to entertain a child all day with no support - at weekends there is always the two of us and we always have things to do, at the moment all my friends are on thier holidays, so we don't have anyone to go and play with, it will be better next week as Mike is on holiday and we have a few plans, and then after that all my mates are back.

To cap it all, Mike has come down with a dreadful tummy bug and has been up all night puking and the other - and my God is he loud when he does it!!! So now I have him off sick today as well; he doens't need looking after, but it IS an extra thing to deal with!!

I really want to enjoy this time with Alfie as I will never get it again, but yesterday knocked my confidence a bit in terms of my parenting skills.


Sally said...

You shouldn't feel unconfident about your parenting skills - you're an amazing mummy!

I have a suggestion - come down to London!!

Love ya

Sal x

Dixie said...

You'll get back into the full time mummy groove before you know it.

And go see Sal. Y'all need to have a picture together with your darling boys!

arnoldzx15kcgreene said...
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darnell343rashawn said...
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zoe xx said...

So P-I-S-S off fricken fracken blog spammers.

I mean Timber for gawd's sake!