Friday, April 08, 2005

Things I have done today

Usually when you watch a programme on VH1 called "Every Great Song"* 1985-2005" you would expect to be exercising your remote finger before too long. I have been watching it for the last FOUR songs: Keane "Somewhere only we know" Gwen Stefani "What you waiting for" Maroon 5 "She will be loved" and Scissor Sisters "Shake Your Mama" - ie from 2004 - which must mean that I am more "Wit' da kidz" than I think I am.

(*- heh heh, when I first typed that, I accidentally typed "Every Great Dong 1985-2005", which made me snigger to think that there might be such a programme, with all the great penises of the last 20 years mid Friday afternoon for bored housewives)

So, today, I watched the Pope's funeral with my gay best friend Tony, until two weeks ago also my boss, who turned out to be the best person ever to watch the Pope's funeral with, as we managed to combine gossiping about work, eating bacon butties, crying and discussing whether or not mantillas work better in black or white. (The answer is black, no one should ever wear a white mantilla) In fact, I think I need a mantilla, I have always loved the drama of them and after today, I think I really ought to get one, although where I would actually wear it I do not know - I would hardly wear it to Sunday Mass, although that would be the natural place to weat one (in 1950).

Then I stripped the beds and did the laundry and the ironing. My sister is coming tonight for a shopping day tomorrow so I need clean bed linen, and IMHO bed linen needs to be ironed.

Yesterday I also went shopping as tomorrow is for my (pregnant) sister really. I bought a coral skinny fit cardigan to go over my red cocktail dress, which I will be wearing for Joanne's SATC themed Hen Night. I felt I needed some arm cover, and a clashing skinny fit cardigan was perfect, and will go with lots of other things and was 50% off at an already bargaineous price of £14.99. I got one in pink too, and a cheeky chocolate coloured lace wrapover. I checked out the new ASDA (Walmart) Living shop and bought some dee-vine shoes for £15 in the sale - it was nearly two pairs, so I got off lightly really.

Now you see VH1 are spoiling it with J-Lo "Get Real". How exactly does this constitue a "great song"?

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