Wednesday, April 20, 2005

As all good things are ... stolen from another blog

What was the last:
1) ... gift that someone gave you? Was it for a special occasion or just out of the blue? What's the last gift that you have given to someone else, and why? Did they like it?

The last gift I was given was probably a bunch of flowers by my husband for our Anniversary in March. Or some Easte chocolate from one of my pupils
The last gift I gave to someone else was an overnight bag to my sister for her birthday - she chose it herself, but I also gave her a Wonder Woman lunchbox I got from ebay as a surprise. She seemed to like it!

2) ... time that you took a walk? Where did you go? Did you walk with someone or go alone? Did you see anything interesting along the way? Do you enjoy walking as a form of exercise?

I walked for five hours around Chester Zoo on Sunday with Alfie. Saw a lot of animals! I like to work but for a purpose rather than aimlessly.

3) ... thing that you thought of before going to bed last night? Why was it on your mind? Did you sleep well last night? Did you have any dreams?

At the moment, I seem to just pass out at bedtime, I am barely conscious the minute I put out the light. So I'm not truly sure what I last thought of. I slept really well. I dreamed that I was about to embark upon an affair with the very attractive father of one of my pupils, who came to talk to me about his son's reading at hometime which is probably why he was on my mind

4) ... day of high school like for you? What were your feelings on that day? Do you still keep in touch with any high school friends?

I remember going to the pub after the last day but that's it. I was probably glad - I wasn't miserable, but they weren't the best years of my life, I was dying to go to University. I am still in touch with Clare my best friend from school, she is my son's godmother.

5) ... phone call you made? To whom, and how long did you talk? Are you on the phone often? How many phones do you have at home?
The last one I made was to a friend but he didn't answer. I took one last night from my husband telling me he was on his way home. I like chatting on the phone but not as much as I used to - my bills used to be huge, but email and texting have taken over a bit. We have a landline and we both have mobiles at home.

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