Saturday, April 16, 2005

Girl's Night In

I have had a night on my own tonight. Mike, for his sins, is competing in the Harlech Triathlon, and has gone off to spend the night in Chris' cottage. Being undeniable hungover, one of the worst I have had for ages, after my sister's birthday party, I popped Alfie into bed and indulged in lamb chops, French bread and greek salad followed by yummy mint aero chocolate balls and skinny cow ice cream. Oh and we had had our lunch at McDonalds today too - could I be any less WW orientated??

I really am finding that the older/thinner I get the less I can deal with alcohol. I have always had a good capacity for the demon drink, and never really suffered from hangovers, but recently I've had some corkers. Dear readers, I do not wish you to think of me as a raving alcoholic, I only really drink once or twice a week, it's just that there have been one or two big social occasions lately and I do feel the need to share them with you! Today's was compounded by lack of sleep too - didn't get in until 1.30am and Alfie woke up at 6.30am. Mum got up with him, but I woke up anyway and the dozing type of sleep that you get after that isn't very refreshing.

Found out that Chris and Sarah are moving to Exeter - only about 200 miles away. I really feel sad about this. Sarah and I met when we were pregnant, trained as teachers together and Chris and Mike are really good friends and so are Alfie and Leo. I think we are going to be bereft, they are are best family friends, and Exeter is really far away. I hate it when life deals you a duff hand.

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