Sunday, April 03, 2005

RIP John Paul II

It is sad news that the Pope has passed on although it is better for him that he is out of pain and suffering. I have read a lot about him this weekend and learned so much - terrible that as a catholic, although only a semi-practising one, I had no idea about so much of his life. I do feel that a lot of his teachings were out of touch with the modern world, although of course, the church probably shouldn't adapt itself to things just because the world moves on. Still, my own personal belief is that God is a bit more caring and understanding about some of the issues that the Church appears not to be. I did not know about his part in the dismantlement of communism, I had no idea that it wasn't normal for Popes to travel the world, or meet world leaders, because really there has been no other Pope in my lifetime - I was 7 when he was elected, and although I remember his election, I wasn't really conscious of what went before. My regret is that as a family we never went to see the Pope when he visited the UK -my Dad didn't want to. Cheers Dad.

God Bless, Il Papa.

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