Sunday, April 03, 2005

Have had a lovely weekend all told. I took Alfie to two parties and he did really well at both of them, which is important as I have been worried that he has been quite shy and reluctant to join in things. Yesterday's party was a soft play party with slides and balls and stuff and he got stuck in at that more or less straight away as he has been to a couple of these before. He had a lovely time and it gave me a chance to socialise with some of the other Mum's which was really nice.

Today's was a Jabberjack's party, which I was especially interested in as it is what I have in mind for Alfie's 4th birthday in August. The Mum of one of the children in my class runs these and it was great - fun, entertainment, singing, dancing, puppets etc. Natch, Alfie was somewhat overawed and clingy at the beginning, but really got into it, although he wouldn't let me move more than about 3 feet away from me - cue me playing with puppets, jumping up and down with Tigger, lying under the parachute and playing Sleeping Lions etc etc - good job I have no shame. Anyway, I am definitely going to book him one for his birthday as it was great - loads more fun for the kids than running around in the soft play, although that is good too. I was amazed how many parents just left thier children there though - I know I am a bit clingy to Alfie but I would never leave him in a strange place like that. I hope that people don't just drop thier kids off for his party - mind you, apart from about three or four children at Alfie's party, mostly it will be my friends there, not just nursery parents, so they won't.

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