Friday, April 22, 2005

Nicked from Dix...

1) What is the weirdest looking thing on your body - by nature or by accident?
I'm not a great fan of my "caesarean overhang". I inverted comma'd that because in fairness, I had it before I had a section, but I like to blame it on having a baby. Clearly, five stone down the line, it looks better but it'll always be there
2) Handful or just a few sheets of toilet paper?I absolutely use too much, but I don't like to touch my own waste wherever possible
.3) What is the absolute smelliest place you've ever visited?I don't know about the smelliest, but the filthiest was a toilet in a cafe in Pisa (get me!) *shudders*
4) Name an entertainment person you'd like to muzzle...and not in a pervy bondage kind of way.Jay Leno. He just clatters like a bell clap.
5) Name an entertainment person you'd like to a pervy bondage kind of way.Is football counting as entertainment here? Because the obvious choice is my real husband Jose Mourhinio.
6) Weapon of choice: noogie, nipple twist or the claw?I really don't know what any of these things are!
.7) Did you ever give someone a food that was not what they thought it was or had been altered in some disturbing way?I have lied to Alfie about what is in his dinner on occasion.
8) Is there ever a non-bodily-threatening reason to kick a guy in the crotch?Probably not
9) You meet the love of your life. You find out later that they are your long lost second cousin. Make it or break it?You see, I'm not sure who is your second cousin. Is it your cousin's cousin? 'Cos I'm sure that that's OK, as you're not related to them by blood. Or is it your cousin's child? Because that WOULD be wierd. Or, your cousin's parent? Euwww.
10) Where's the weirdest place you've ever used the bathroom?In a wood.
11) You have to pick one politician you dislike to get jiggy with. Who is it, and why?Michael Portillo. It's that slightly unpleasant, public schoolboy, filthy in the sack thing (although I may be the wrong gender for the married but childless Tory boy)
12) Cremation or burial?Burial
13) Would you rather be a kleptomaniac or agoraphobic?Agoraphobic.
14) Would you rather have a house with a poltergeist or bugs?Bugs - I am skeered of things like poltergeists!
15) Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are tied to the train tracks. You only have time to free one before the train comes. Who do you save?Definitely Winnie - Micky sucks big time.
16) If you were being reincarnated and had to choose a different race then you were in this life, what would you choose?French - love the language, the style and the food. I would not be a rude Parisienne though.
17) You get the choice to be one of these three, what do you choose: the prettiest person in the world, the richest person in the world, or the smartest person in the world.The smartest. I would love to be intelligent and interesting.
18) Samantha or Jeannie? Samantha - loving that nose wiggle.
19) Would you rather be trapped in Dallas, Melrose Place or Desperate Housewives?Desperate Housewives. My current favourite and I am torn between wanting to be Susan. Bree or Lynnette. I have no desire to be Gabrielle.
20) Trashiest food craving? Millionaire's shortbread - that stuff with caramel and chocolate on it...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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