Monday, December 21, 2009

Went to the gym

So, I've been swimming three times a week since I joined the gym, today I went for my gym induction - I have not been looking forward to it. But, I mustered my courage, and pretended I was confident - and then, I was!

The instructor was approximately 12 years old (Steve) but he was really okay, he laughed at my jokes and I was completely honest with him - told him about my Fabulous at Forty plan, and that there were 98 weeks to go, explained that I hate running and about going swimming, and that I need some fast results on my tummy in particular to keep me motivated, and that I will be useless at remembering how to use the equipment. He was fab! He has given me a programme that will take about half an hour so that I can swim for half an hour afterwards. It's cross training, rowing, weights. It'll be okay I think, and it wasn't intimidating at all, lots of (mainly men) middle aged types, none in lycra. Had a swim afterwards and generally feel good.

Need a gym playlist on the iPod...

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