Sunday, November 29, 2009

So far so good

OK, been swimming tonight - first time, as Friday was a non starter due to being held up at the beauticians. So, had my nails done, waxed, re-appointment in a fortnight, been to gym.

I aimed for twenty minutes and I could have a stop if I needed it. I did 25 minutes and didn't stop - I was puffed and my heart was beating quickly when I was done. And - I didn't feel intimidated or embarrassed. that was a big thing for me because I have always felt that way before - but it's just a place - no big deal. The one thing I didn't do which I had planned to was to make an appointment for a gym orientation - I wasn't keen on the man on the desk when I came in, so didn't want to ask him about it. I have given myself till Wednesday to do that.

So, it's all good. Too much wine at Dad's birthday party though. Bad Zoe.

I'm also thinking that the year I am forty I might audition for the X factor - I won't even get to the judges stage but I think it would be an interesting experience...

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Sally said...

LOVE it! You should audition. I love your attitude at the moment - it's a bit infectious and I need some motivation. Love yoooooo