Wednesday, December 09, 2009

100 weeks to go (well tomorrow anyway)

Kept up the swimming - now been five times and due to go this evening. Not made the gym appointment yet, but I will. I will. I will...

Feel fabulous, the hunger has reduced somewhat although I'm still not "dieting".

Ted is off sick today, he had a temp last night when I picked him up, and he was warm this morning although all gone with one dose of calpol, he is coughing in a bronchilitis kind of way - he's had it before. Not much going on at work, both my Wednesday schools have play performanced this afternoon, so was actually going to have a paid afternoon off and finish Christmas shopping, but no chance of that now! Never mind, nearly all done now, need a couple of hours stocking filler time and then it will be finished. Even wrapped some, and part way through Christmas cards!

Took the opportunity to do some mopping/dusting today and also make cranberry sauce which has made the house smell very Christmassy. Tree on Saturday, can't wait!

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