Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Eve

Up at the crack of dawn with Mr Ted this morning, despite feeling groggy after a night with colette (here on a visit), Ally, Sarah and Nic, and all the kids - wine was flowing as were the bags and bags of crisps - how many weeks till I am fabulous and forty again???

I cannot remember when I last did not have a drink - maybe the 15th/16th December?? I need to have a complete break for the first two weeks of January. I was a bit pissed off that I appear not to have lost weight despite the gym trips etc, and then when I really think about the wine I have necked and the crisps I have nibbled and the chocolate I have picked at, really, I am surprised I am not in a worse state. At least I have been to the gym, imagine if I hadn't? Anyway, am not going to weigh myself until Friday 8th January as then it will be a bit more "normal".

It's time for New Year Resolutions - I had a look at last years, and having made 10, I kept 3 fully and 4 partially - I did keep a list of all the books I have read in the year (41), saw lots of my friends and I did get a new job, so that's good. Wine consumption, internet usage not so good. Fruit and veg consumption, being a good mother and wife. skin care and positive thinking went okay. So all in all, not bad.

Here are this years:

1. Keep a list of books I have read - really handy for new authors etc
2. Go to the gym three times a week and follow the set programme
3. Lose three stone. I think that that is a reasonable amount to go for, it's 42lbs and less that a 1lb a week. It will take me to my lowest ever weight again, and leave me with a goal of another 2 stone for 2011
4. Continue to proactively arrange to see friends and do stuff with them
5. Take my make up off every night. I am going to get Protect and Perfect day cream and night cream with my Boots points because it is brill.
6. Look after my nails - Nic bought me Clarins hand and nail cream and I had forgotten how fab it is - I willl use nightly
7. Do more stuff with the boys - I am rubbish at playing and doing, so I am promising that I will spend at least half an hour each day doing something specific with each of them - sometimes of course that will be something with both of them
8. Really cur back on internet use - I have taken lots of websites off my favourites, but then Facebook and Twitter are soooooo addictive. So I'm going to aim for 1/2 hour a day from 1.1.2010
9. I am going to cut back on drinking. I love wine, but it is stuffed full of calories and I worry about my liver. I am only allowing myself wine on Friday and Saturday. I can have a beer or a G and T on a Thursday or a Sunday.
10. I am going to have more sex in 2010. It's an area of our life that needs to be worked on, and efforts over the Christmas period have been much appreciated on all sides.

I want to look back at this on 30.12.10 and say - yup, did this. And be really proud.

And on that note, going to wake Mike up so I can go to the gym


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