Thursday, December 03, 2009

Week one... 101 weeks to go


I've been swimming three times - 25 mins, 30 mins and 25 mins non stop
I've had a five day wine hiatus - nothing Saturday - Thursday
Handcream has been erratic
Waxed and appointment in a fortnight
Bought no clothes (not THAT great an achievement!)

Things I hadn't expected:
I am starving ALL the time - even though I am not dieting per se - the exercise is making me really hungry!
I am sleeping fantastically
I am in a much better mood - not that I was moody before but I am def calmer

Things I haven't done yet
Made gym appointment - but I will

In other news

Alfie has had a BRILLIANT parents' night. He is working at the level of the average Year 6 pupil in Writing (4b), has a reading age of 13+ and a level of 5 (high level year 6 pupil) and a standardised score or 114 in his maths - Grammar school level. So basicially we need to be thinking 11+ and grammar school for Year 7. Which is WOW! I do think he's very bright myself, but then I am his Mum and exceptionally biased. His teacher said he is a "gifted writer" and I agree - he really is. The really good thing is that he has absolutely no idea how clever he is.

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