Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In the Middle of the Night/He was talking in my sleep (apologies to Billy Joel)

One of the advantages of having the holidays is that I have had a chance to catch up and really properly read other blogs. Jeez I am boring. I read Poppy, and Dixie, Moxie and Sally (hey, all ending in an "ee" sound! Like me!) and they completely absorb and interest me, and indeed the others that read them. My blog is like I am some kind of fourteen year old; "Dear Diary, today I had weetabix for my birthday, zzzzzz......"

I need to make a blogging resolution - that there should be more about my thoughts. I am a reasonably amusing person, but I read like a piece of soggy cauliflower.

Last night I HAD to get out - rang up my mate C who lives at the bottom of my road and we had a girls road trip to a retail park (I know, I know, but this is the UK, it was there or a pub). I treated myself to the swirl print kaftan on this page which I will (and indeed am) wear over a vest and jeans rather than a swimsuit, as a swimsuit isn't high on my agenda at the moment. I think I am just in a bizarre place where I know I am back at work on Monday and there's a countdown that relentlessly is taking me there and there's nothing I can do about it - it's a sort of no-man's land. Oh and:

An Open Letter

Dear Man Who Walked Down My Road At 3.30am today,

I have no idea whether you were drunk or you are some kind of schizophrenic who has not taken his medication. I suspect a combination of the two. Thank you for the extraordinarily loud, nay, shouted conversation/argument you had with yourself/an invisible person/an extraordinarily quiet person. I had NO IDEA until that moment that what I really needed to do was to have a very early morning today. Naturally, initially I chose to ignore your salient advice to make the most of previously unchartered territory of the wee hours, and sillyly attempted to get back to sleep. However, after two hours of tossing and turning, I aceded to your superior knowledge and arose from my bed at 5.20am, and made the most of my day. Thank you for enabling me to laminate all my school resources and clean out and rearrange my kitchen cupboards this morning, whilst acquainting myself with the ITV Early News Hour and the beginning of the Sarah Kennedy show.

Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Signed, a woman who is so frigging tired, she cannot actually remember her name.

I am a Domestic Goddess today. I have made my first ever casserole. I realise that this is probably taught in some kind of beginner's "cook for yourself" class, but I must have missed that day, because although I am Queen of many other dishes, casseroles have just passed me by. So pride is in place.

PS Can anyone help me with the way to make this blog pretty? With Blogrolling and other pretty things and stuff? I know that you have to put it into the Template, but I really need a "one, do this, two do that..." set of instructions.Ta!

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