Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello Aunt Flo

Say no more.

Thanks Sally, Mox and Dix for your comments on the last blog. I was very touched, you made me smile! I wasn't fishing for compliments (truly!) just trying to sort my head out, it's scary to see yourself caught unawares on video, I suppose for the mirror and the camera we unconsciously put ourselves into positions that we know are our best.

I am having a lazy day today (I am speaking from my bed - it's 9.30am!!) and A is in his PJs watching TV - he is on strict instructions to come up when Mr Men video has finished. Feeling mardy because of above, but also, when did I last veg in bed?? I have some plans for later involving cleaning the cars, so it's not all laziness

I have finished paying off my PGCE overdraft! Yessssss!!!! I celebrated by getting myself a pair of shoes I have coveted forever on ebay - and they were only £16 in my local shoe emporium here - and to think I could have paid £30 +p and p on ebay! They will of course cripple me and I have no place whatsoever to wear them, but that simply is not the point with shoes. Plus, I have sworn not to buy any clothes until I am back to a fighting weight, so shoes are the placebo.

I am Imelda Marcos

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Dixie said...

We all have our weaknesses! Shoes are a pretty good thing to have a weakness for.