Sunday, August 06, 2006

First week of the holidays is over

I do feel like we've made a lot of the first week, which is great. Mike and I had a lovely weekend once I'd got over the sobbing. We went into Manchester and did grown up things like look around shops, have a leisurely lunch at a non child friendly restaurant (with wine!!) and um, buy A some clothes, and um, talk a lot about A... On Sunday we spent till 2pm in bed reading THREE Sunday papers and a celeb gossip magazine, which was fab, and then mooched around the Trafford Centre and went for a greek meal in the evening. Monday we were both in work, and A came home in the afternoon, so we took him and Mum out for tea. Result: A week of eating out for me!

On Tuesday we went camping here with some friends. It has been the hottest July ever this year, and August predicted to be even more so (which always makes me think of Stevie Wonder) so why in the name of all that is nameless did it absolutely throw it down for the whole holiday??? We arrived and the driving freezing rain made getting tents up a real challenge, but Mike and J, our friend worked really hard. The rain stopped at least once they were up and we could feed the children and ourselves, and have a few drinks, but started again in the night and was relentless for the rest of the day. We had to go to visit a steam railway and some caves because they were indoors, and had our tea at Pizza Hut in Harrogate. On thursday we had to pack up and go, and only then did the weather clear up - lovely sunshine. We went to Brimham Rocks.

Tomorrow we are off to Exeter to stay the week with our friends who moved there last year, so I'm looking forward to that - just ironing and packing to do today, which I really must get on with. When we get back there will be three weeks of the holiday left, which feels like a good way to do it - get the "formal" holiday over and done with and have the chilling out time at the end.

As a result of all the eating out and drinking wine and general lax behaviour in the healthy eating department I had a real shock when I got on the scales on Friday - a REAL shock. I am back on WW with a vengance as a result - there are some tight waistbands in the Zoe wardrobe and I can't afford to replace stuff. I have bought a new purple notebook to write everything down in and dusted down the books. I'm not bothered about getting to goal, but I do want to go back to where I was at my lowest.

Had a really good haircut yesterday and very subtle highlights - I'm really pleased!


Moxie said...

Sounds like you are having a great holiday! (apart from the camping rain...)

Couldn't see the link to the campsite though :o(


Dixie said...

Keep enjoying your holiday, sweetie.